Reverse decision to move East Bank short drop cars

Dear Editor,
We the short drop hire car drivers who used to operate in the East Bank short drop car park are facing another challenging situation. About 49 cars used to operate in the car park, and some two years ago, the then Town Clerk, Royston King, removed us and replaced the car park with vendors who unto this day fail to occupy those stands.
We operate on the road which was provided to us by the Council for the past two years. Our park used to be from Brickdam to Lombard Street, holding approximately 12 cars. We operate in cohesion with a turn system.
However, on Friday morning, when the drivers went to work, we were greeted with our line cut by almost 3/4 – holding only five cars.
This is so unfair to us. Where will we go now to operate for our daily living?
We the drivers are pleading with the Minister, the Mayor, the Town Clerk and those responsible for the reduction of the car park to review the decision taken. We are elderly drivers who will not be employed by any company at this time of the year. We have bills to pay.
We ask the relevant authorities to look into the matter urgently.

(Name provided)