RHT Bakewell second division team honoured for stellar performance

Bakewell, official sponsors of the second division team of the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club, MS, since 2006, have collaborated with this club’s management to honour 15 players who are part of the team.
Under the captaincy of Kevin Sinclair, the players have recorded outstanding performances during the period January 1st 2018 to April 2019, and were accordingly honoured for this feat.
During that period, the team won six tournaments organised by the Berbice Cricket Board (BCB), while several players have gone on to represent Berbice and Guyana at different levels.
The teams have also won the countywide New Building Society 40-Overs Tournament, Magic Moments 20/20 Tournament, Naeem Nasir 5/5, Raffik Construction 100 Balls Tournament, Roy Fredericks Memorial Tournament, and Rhonda Lewis Memorial 20/20 Tournament.
Additionally, the Under-17 team defeated Albion Community Centre in the Finals to win the Ramnaresh Sarwan Under-17 Tournament.
Club Secretary/CEO Hilbert Foster has said the RHTY&SC is very proud of the Bakewell teams, as they not only represent the club and the sponsors’ brand well on the cricket field, but have been remarkable ambassadors off the field as well.
The players honoured were Kevin Sinclair, Junior Sinclair, Surendra Kissoonlall, Kevlon Anderson, Keith Simpson, Joshua Vantull, Jonthan Rampersaud, Mahendra Gopilall, Sylus Tyndall, Erva Giddings, Chanderpaul Govindan, Sohil Shariff, Jai Tika, Kevin Ramnarine and Vikash Subramanie.
Management of the team, comprising Keith Hicks, Ravindranauth Kissoonlall and Tyrone Pottaya, have also been honoured. The trio, along with Asst Secretary/CEO Simon Naidu, are responsible for the daily operation of the ten RHTYSC cricket teams.
Kevin Sinclair, Junior Sinclair, Kevlon Anderson, Mahendra Gopilall, Jonathan Rampersaud, Erva Giddings, Keith Simpson and Chanderpaul Govindan have gone on to play either for Berbice or Guyana at different levels, while the Bakewell second division team have also successfully completed dozens of personal developmental programmes. These include monthly Old Age pensioners’ breakfast programme; feeding of the poor; Cricket Academy; Republic Bank Summer Camp; Christmas Village; monthly single-parent household; food hampers; medical clinics; anti-crime posters; school bags’ Project and fitness walk, among others.
Foster disclosed that the RHTY&SC and Bakewell are very proud of the teams, and would continue to invest heavily in their development. He urged the teams to always strive for excellence and, most importantly, to continue working as a collective unit.
Special thanks were extended to Rajin Ganga and the management of Bakewell for their support over the last twenty years. At the ceremony, Kevin Sinclair was named Batsman of the Year, while Junior Sinclair copped the Bowler and Cricketer of the Year awards.