Rice farmer dies in 3-vehicle collision at Mahaicony

A three-vehicle collision along the Bushy Park Public Road at Mahaicony, East Coast Demerara has resulted in the death of 25-year-old rice farmer Nareshwar Arjune, also called Ryan, of Mahaicony, ECD.
The incident, which occurred at around 07:40h, involved motorcar PCC 5219, driven by the late Nareshwar Arjune; motorcar HD 2859, driven by 26-year-old Kevin Bagot; and motor jeep PJJ 8723, driven by a 19-year-old male.
The Police have said that Arjune’s vehicle and the jeep were proceeding in the same direction along the Bushy Park Public Road, with the jeep travelling behind. The jeep reportedly collided with the rear of Arjune’s motorcar, and Arjune lost control of the vehicle and it ended up crashing into the taxi on the other side of the road.

The state of the car that Arjune was driving after the accident

As a result of the collision, Arjune, taxi driver Kevin Bagot and his reputed wife sustained injuries to their bodies, and were picked up and transported to the Mahaicony Cottage Hospital, where Arjune was pronounced dead on arrival. Bagot and his wife, who both remain in an unconscious state, are being treated at that medical facility.
The teenager who was driving the jeep at the time of the accident has been arrested. A breathalyzer test was administered, but there was no alcohol in his system. He remains in custody, assisting with investigations.
A few days ago, Divisional Commander Senior Superintendent Kurleigh Simon had reported that there has been a 20 per cent reduction in road accidents and a 50 per cent reduction in fatal accidents for the first quarter of 2022, as compared to 2021.
Meanwhile, in an interview with Guyana Times, the dead man’s sister, Taijwantie Arjune explained that her brother was heading to a cousin’s house.
“He was heading up to Mahaicony to make a pick-up (of vehicle parts) and they said a car was in front of him and the car stop and he brakes behind the car and then there was a next pick-up come behind him, hit his car, and pitch his car into oncoming traffic,” the sister related.

Dead: Nareshwar Arjune, called Ryan

“My mother actually called me and tell me that she heard something happen and she said for my husband to go, so I keep asking her what is it, she said she don’t know, but let him go see…I didn’t know it was an accident till when my husband reach there, then is when he call and said my brother end up in an accident,” she added.
Upon receiving the dreaded news, Taijwantie said she could not believe it.
“He was my baby, I literally screamed…that was my baby. He was like a gem for everybody…he was jovial, kind, always there to lend a hand, anytime you call him he is always ready,” she related.
She expressed frustration with the level of speeding and recklessness of drivers on the roadways.
“I understand that he [19-year-old driver] was speeding, because that has to be with speed for him to hit that car to spin it around like that…everybody is in a rush today, nobody’s not thinking about anybody’s life, who is going to compensate my mother for her baby? Or my father?,” she lamented.
“We would say that we want justice, but then, at the same time, ’sorry’ is going to bring him back? No matter if anybody says he’s gonna be charged for what he done, charge is not going to bring our brother or my mother’s son back…it already happen.”
She advised drivers to take their time, since “speed is just end up with you losing your life or maybe losing some other person who is not even close to you, but that person who lost their life have close relatives that really value them.”