Rigged elections belong to a bygone era

Dear Editor,
Well, it was confirmed; some, to gain the reins of Government, are prepared to go the rigging route.
The position articulated by a former Prime Minister (whose time in office was through the very route being advocated): that elections should continue to be rigged to keep a particular political party from gaining office, is an assault on democracy, and is tantamount to a mutinous mindset against the state. It is dangerous, troubling and threatening; makes a mockery of the fight against rigged elections; and must be thoroughly condemned, as it has no place in today’s Guyana.
Rigged elections belong to a past bygone era. It would appear that some are still living in that era – that dark place. Would those who stood and fought against rigged elections please stand and let your voices be heard loudly again?
The position was emboldened without shame, as the election fraud cases are still to be tried. Coming as 2025 looms, is this the position of the party of the former Prime Minister? If it is not, that party must condignly condemn the statements of one of its own.

Shamshun Mohamed