Rogue Gecom elements still working with APNU/AFC’s cabal

There is little doubt anymore that the APNU/AFC’s rigging cabal has worked through a rogue band at GECOM. Clairmont Mingo, the Returning Officer for Region 4, is the poster child for the rogue band at GECOM. But he was merely carrying out a plan hatched by APNU/AFC with support from the GECOM rogue elements, several more senior than Mingo. Their plan after March 2 was to manipulate the Region Four results by inflating APNU/AFC’s votes and deflating the PPP’s votes to overcome the massive almost 18,000 win of the PPP. The plan was to add votes to APNU/AFC in as many boxes as possible and to subtract votes from the PPP, in as many boxes as possible. It is the reason why GECOM’s and APNU/AFC’s Statements of Poll (SoPs), public documents by law, have disappeared. There is something they are desperate to hide.
An examination of 47 random boxes from the Region 4 Recount has shown that the Statements of Recount (SoRs) accurately reflect the SoPs that were generated on E-Day, March 2. But when compared to the numbers that Clairmont Mingo used for Region 4, were wildly off. These 47 boxes showed that Mingo gave APNU/AFC almost 2700 more votes than they obtained, an average of almost 50 more stolen votes per box. At the same time, Mingo reduced the PPP’s votes in many of these boxes, showing a reduction of over 700 PPP votes. Taken together, Mingo stole 3,400 votes with just these 47 boxes on behalf of APNU/AFC. Mingo’s spreadsheet, which also is a hidden document, increased APNU/AFC’s votes and reduced PPP’s votes in between 350 and 400 of the SoPs from Region 4. That is why we will never see the SoPs from Region 4. But the SoRs are showing the votes in the boxes reflect exactly what the SoPs say, proving Mingo’s numbers were bogus. Even if just Mingo’s manipulated numbers from these 47 boxes are taken into consideration, the PPP at this moment has already won the elections, even if the rest of the bogus numbers are allowed to stay.
The big question presently is, given the recount is already proving a crime was committed by Mingo and his cohorts, have the rogue elements at GECOM given up? Far from it, the rogue elements are still busy finding a way to manipulate the results.
The recount is presently painfully grinding along in its 15th day, 60% of the 25-day timeline has elapsed, but less than 30% of the 2339 boxes have been recounted. APNU/AFC have ensured their representatives create as much disturbances as possible to slow the process. GECOM has allowed APNU/AFC to dictate the proceeding during the recount. The Caricom team within the last 48 hours have expressed concern about the slipping of the timeline, since they came here for a 25-days long timeline. GECOM has added two counting stations, but at the same time has slowed down the pace. On Monday, one work station with a new supervisor counted only two boxes. The complicity to slow down the process between APNU/AFC and GECOM’s rogue elements is vividly explicit.
APNU/AFC has handpicked trouble-makers as their representatives at the recount. Their plan is to stall the process, ensuring that the timeline is dragged on. They have ensured that no international observers are present, essentially using the COVID Task Force to ban the Carter Center and other observers. Their task now is to ensure they run out the clock on the 25-days timeline, hoping that Caricom leaves. They cannot get rid of the PPP and the ten new parties. They cannot get rid of the local observers, but they are gambling it becomes their words against their “opponents”, bundling everyone with the PPP.
GECOM on Monday last promoted one of the persons fingered in the crime of manipulating the Region 4 results when the tabulation was occurring at Ashmin’s Building to be the supervisor of one of the Region 4 recount stations. This station counted two boxes the first day he assumed the supervisor role. The plan clearly is not just to delay the overall recount, but to ensure that Region 4 is not completed before the others. There is a plan for the rogue elements at GECOM to change the final figures for Region 4. The rogue GECOM band and the APNU/AFC rigging cabal have not yet given up.
This is the reason why APNU/AFC is sending mixed messages. One set insists the recount is illegal, another set insists they will accept the results of the recount. One set insists there are too many dead people and immigrants who have voted and another set insisting that the “flaws” identified are not enough to affect the credibility of the elections. They need to ensure, should they succeed in the final manipulation, the elections are credible, but, in case they fail, they can stay in power on the premise that the elections were not credible. It is an obscene plan. It failed the first time. It failed the second time. It will fail again.