Rorschach test…

…in politics?
The “Rorschach Test” is also called the “Ink blot” test and has been used by psychologists since the 19th century to find out what’s going on in people’s heads. And as all of us know, this can be a VERY useful little tool. After all, one of the greatest riddles of all time is, “What the heck is he or she thinking?” The party across the table from you – or on the pillow next to you – may give you an answer if you ask… but you can never be sure about its veracity, can you?
In the Rorschach Test, you show the subject five ink-blots – produced by dropping ink on a piece of blotting paper along a crease and quickly closing the paper along the crease. A random symmetrical shape is produced and the subject tells the examiner what he sees. Based on the responses the examiner can tell what’s going on inside the black box of the party’s head through “projection”. We may think we’re clever, but most of our responses follow basic patters that can be “read”.
So we come back to this “Pharmagate” that this Eyewitness is so sick and tired about. But it just won’t go away! Everybody and their uncle seems compelled to have a go at “explaining” it away. But they just seem to stick themselves further in the mess like that Tar Baby which finally trapped smart-man B’rer Rabbit.
PM Moses Nagamootoo explained that the warehouse was rented because in case the old warehouse burnt down, the government would have a spare! Security Minister Ramjattan allowed a mistake but said “to err was human” and Ministers were humans not angels. Salary increases don’t change humans into angels.
Minister Trotman said it was sheer coincidence the M forwarded as a deposit on a non-existent warehouse was the exact amount used to purchase the building. The Cabinet Sub-Committee of Trotman, Harmon and Nagamootoo after a very “thorough” investigation still couldn’t say how Larry Singh got wind the government needed a warehouse – which one would think is the crux of the matter – but that the contract was “undesirable”!
Now comes Pressie, who says drugs for the government were on the wharf but Govt was being “expelled” from GPC’s warehouse creating an emergency that demanded IMMEDIATE action. And that’s why the Minister rented a warehouse which – six months later- is still not ready! But no need to fire any Minister. Errors were committed but not of a “criminal nature”. What a standard!
Now dear reader, you may not be a trained psychologists but what do these responses tell you about this government?

…for job performance
They say “self-praise is no promotion”… but self-praise can act like that Rorschach Test we mentioned above. Let’s take the case that prompted the thought – AFC Leader’s answer to a question as to whether he was satisfied with the level of influence his party had in the APNU/AFC coalition. Ramjattan said, “we are doing a real fantastic job of it thus far!”
Yup! That’s what the fella said! But what’s going on in his head? First let’s note he never answered the question directly. He’s hiding his real thoughts. Whether the AFC’s doing a good job or not has absolutely nothing to do with what influence they have in the Cabinet. Look how the AFC’s being treated like a Christmas “blow-blow”.
There’s Sherod Duncon, the Deputy Mayor (from AFC) being treated like a doormat by the Town Clerk – a Local Government Minister appointee. Why can’t the AFC tell him to reign in his appointee?
More germanely is the PM chairing Cabinet meetings like the Cummingsburg Accord promised?

…on women’s rights
Without comment-
10 percent of Guyana’s women believe a husband should beat his wife if she neglects the children, leaves the house without his permission, refuses him sex, argues with him or burns the food.