Safety still not a priority

Dear Editor,
There has been another fire on the heels of that explosion in Berbice last week that killed one person and seriously injured another. In this recent bond fire, it is alleged that welding was being done near to flammable and combustible materials, including stored chemicals; while the Berbice explosion suggested that gasoline was being used to clean tar from the tank, and an electrical tool being used nearby caused sparks to fly and ignite the gasoline. The rest, as they say, is painful history.
The apparent recklessness displayed in both cases is unbelievable, and tells that safety is still not a priority. To not have firefighting equipment in a bond storing highly flammable materials is just “pure damn nonsense” (that phrase) and must be condemned. The authorities have been calling for these measures to be implemented in buildings, and it is high time that there be meted out consequences for negligence and failure to comply with these measures.

Shamshun Mohamed