…the Court
Moses Nagamootoo, the man who’d be PM again over the body of his erstwhile buddy Ramjattan, is a lawyer; but he’s ignoring what the same Ramjattan taught him when he, Nagamootoo, entered the bar in his dotage and Ramjattan had to hold his hands. And your Eyewitness isn’t talking about gratitude, since morality and ethics are foreign to Nagamootoo; he’s referring to the law of contempt and Nagamootoo being an officer of the court.
Now, we all know Jordan’s being held in contempt of court for blatantly ignoring its orders on more than one occasion. But Jordan just wants to ingratiate himself with the REAL PNCites – meaning, the thug elements – to show he’s also “big and bad”. But he’s blown it, hasn’t he?? The moment he heard he had to don that orange jump suit and spend 21 days with the hard-core fellas at 12 Camp St, he ran sobbing and quivering to Granger to (literally!) save his a55 with a “respite”!!
Now, Jordan at least was always a closet PNC, but with ex-PPP Nagamootoo, he’s gotta try waaaay harder to ingratiate himself with the PNC big-wigs to walk all over Ramjattan and become Granger’s footstool. So when Jordan yelled “War break!” in Bartica and vowed “H2H or death!”, Nagamootoo immediately announced he’d donned olive fatigues to take on the PPP!!
And, in like fashion, he’s now decided he’s gotta go one-up on Jordan’s “contempt of court” outrage. So he went ahead to commit CRIMINAL contempt of the court, which is defined as: “the publication (whether by words spoken or written, or by signs, or by visible representation, or otherwise) of any matter or the doing of any other act whatsoever which scandalises or tends to scandalise, or lowers or tends to lower, the authority of any court.”
Referring to Jordan’s contempt, imagine, Nagamootoo declared that the Judge’s action “smacks of vendetta”. “For me, it is a kind of judicial wrath for us to talk about imprisoning a minister of the Government who was exercising his function officially.”
Vendetta? This, according to the dictionary, is “a prolonged bitter quarrel with or campaign against someone”!! Wrath?? This is extreme anger, rage, or fury of biblical proportions!! Now, there’s no question that the opinions of Judges are subject to comment or critique…, but as the Indian Supreme Court ruled, “any insinuation to undermine the dignity of the Court under the garb of mere criticism is liable to be punished.” And Nagamootoo wasn’t just “insinuating” …be was explicitly SCANDALISING the Court.
Seems he’s just dying to join Jordan in Camp Street!! He knows that “When wickedness comes, so does contempt, and with shame comes reproach.”
Jail him!!

…the foundation of business
It’s clear the PNC will never understand why our democratic state is founded on our inalienable right to “life, liberty and property”. Property! Without property, we’re reduced to beggars who’d cower in front of those whom WE put into office, begging for crumbs from their tables. And this is what the PNC’s doing, isn’t it?? Siphoning the state’s patrimony to its insiders, while keeping us impoverished.
But with the Dipcon outrage, Jordan’s revealed that the PNC’s prepared to go even further against: to actually expropriate the property of those who have earned their “property” legally through contract but aren’t seen as PNC: The foundation of our economic system depends on the judiciary enforcing the duty of parties to enforce the sanctity of contracts. As Lord Keynes said, “injustice is a matter of uncertainty, justice a matter of contractual predictability”.
But removing the certainty of contractual obligations being fulfilled, Jordan and the PNC are undermining our entire edifice of justice and, more mundanely, any hope of attracting real investors.
If the PNC won’t hear, then they must feel. Jail Jordan!!

…Granger’s submissions of names
What excuse can Granger have for submitting James Patterson’s name to the Leader of the Opposition, when he’d affirmed this man was history??
Does his “word” have no value??