Search continues for missing woman

Suriname-Guyana backtrack route tragedy

— boat Captains, 1 other arrested in Suriname

Family members and friends are sparing no efforts in their search for the body of 48-year-old Sharida Hussein, who is feared to have drowned while she was returning home to Guyana from Suriname via a backtrack route on Monday evening.

Still missing: Sharida Hussein

Hussein is one of three persons who went missing after they had disembarked from the boat in waist-deep water.
Following hours of searching on both land and sea, family members and friends were unable to locate Hussein’s body.
Hussein, called “Sherry”, of Pilot Street, New Amsterdam, reportedly contacted her 19-year-old son on Monday evening to inform him that she had been dropped off at Number 63 Beach where the water was waist-deep and it was dark.
She was not heard from since.
It was subsequently revealed that two other persons had also been dropped off at the same location at the same time.
The other two individuals were identified as 75-year-old Baduni Harrier, called “Doris”, of Number Two Village, East Canje and 31-year-old Alwin Joseph of Suriname. Their bodies were discovered on Wednesday.
The seashore along nearby villages was combed again on Thursday in search of the missing woman. Searches were also conducted in the Atlantic Ocean and in the Corentyne River, but all came up empty.

Dead: Babuni Harrier

Regional Commander Jairam Ramlakhan, in an invited comment, explained that the Police have been assisting with the search.
He related that the two Captains who operated the boat that made the trip on Monday evening were arrested, along with another person. They remain in the custody of Surinamese authorities as investigations continue.
The Regional Commander further stated that since the incident occurred in Guyana’s waters, local investigators would likely speak with the boat operators.
However, reports coming out of Suriname indicate that the duo could be charged for a number of offences, including breach of COVID-19 travel restrictions.
Commander Ramlakhan noted that local investigators would still pursue all avenues to find answers and bring closure to this case.

Dead: Alwin Joseph

It was reported that the three passengers, along with their baggage, were dropped off at a sandbank in the Atlantic Ocean which the Boat Captain mistook for the Number 63 Beach.