Sir Mars’ brutal murder: Fun night turned deadly: suspect confesses to stabbing Mars, crushing him with car

As Police intensified their investigations into the murder of popular teacher and comedian, Kirwyn Mars, who was brutally murdered on Sunday evening, investigators have arrested the prime suspect, who has since confessed to the heinous crime.

Dead: Kirwyn Mars popularly known as “Sir Mars”

This was confirmed by Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum, who stated the suspect was arrested at his place of employment on Tuesday.
According to Blanhum, detectives were able to secure a confession from the suspect, who detailed the moments leading up to Mars’s death.
Based on information received, Mars, popularly known as “Sir Mars” and the suspect, who are known to each other, went for drinks prior to the murder.
In his confession, the suspect related that Mars contacted him and invited him out for a few drinks. He told investigators that he and Mars went to a popular drinking spot along Cemetery Road, Georgetown, where they consumed about two cases of beer.
After a while, they both agreed that they had enough and made a decision to leave the spot. According to the suspect, Mars told him that he had to visit the ATM to withdraw some money.
They then proceeded to an ATM in Ruimveldt, Georgetown, but according to the 25-year-old suspect, the machine was temporarily out of order. The suspect said they then decided to travel to Diamond via the Mandela-Eccles highway but on their way to that location, they had a misunderstanding which led to a scuffle.
In his confession, the suspect claimed that during the argument, he picked up a bottle and struck Mars to the head and in retaliation, Mars collected a knife that was in the car and attacked him.
The suspect admitted that he relieved Mars of the knife and in turn stabbed him several times.
The suspect told investigators that after receiving the stab wounds, Mars brought the car to a stop, exited from the driver’s seat and walked to the back of the vehicle.
It was at this point, the suspect claimed that he was trying to retrieve his phone that had fallen in the car during the scuffle when his hand touched the lever and accidentally put the car in reverse, ultimately crushing Mars.
After realising what had happened, he claimed that he panicked and escaped the scene. Crime Chief Blanhum told Guyana Times that the young man went to work as normal on Monday and Tuesday.
After his arrest, he was taken to CID Headquarters where he is cooperating with the investigators.
Mars, 51, was found pinned under his car at Plantation Providence, East Bank Demerara.
Reports are that Mars, of Lot 211 New Settlers Street, Mocha, East Bank Demerara, was found at about 22:30h on Sunday.
Mars was the Deputy Head Master at the New Central High School. (G10)