Sisters beaten, doused with boiling water during argument over mobile phone

Two sisters are now patients at the Linden Hospital Complex after being severely beaten and doused with boiling water during a row over a mobile phone.
Based on reports received, at about 22:30h on Monday, the two sisters were at the home of the boyfriend of one of them when an argument erupted among them over her cellular phone.
The man allegedly wanted the woman to unlock her phone but she refused. This led to him taking a mug of boiling water and throwing it on her. She sustained second-degree burns to her right-side face.
Not satisfied, the man then picked up a piece of wood and began beating the woman about her head.
The other sister attempted to separate them but the perpetrator then picked up a three-inch concrete block and dealt her one blow to her lower right leg.
Not finished quite yet, the man reportedly continued hitting the sister about her body and head. She reportedly sustained a broken leg among other injuries.
After the incident, the man reportedly made good his escape. The two sisters were left lying in the yard covered in blood. They were subsequently rushed to the Linden Hospital Complex where they were admitted in stable condition.
The suspect later turned himself in to the Police. He was arrested and is expected to be charged shortly.