Soca/Dancehall Colour Party for Club 704 on Sunday

On Saturday evening, the 704 Lounge will yet again be buzzing with activities as one of the hottest parties is ready to invade the premises. The event is titled “Soca/ Dancehall Colour Party” and will reveal the status of the patrons. Those who categorise themselves as “wotless with secrets” are urged to wear pink; those who are “taken” can wear yellow; if you are “independent and stress free”, patrons are asked to wear red; those who are “single” are encouraged to dress in black and finally if you are “looking out”, wear white. The event is promoted by Team Unstoppable in collaboration with Ex-Entertainment. Music will be provided by Unity Family, Deejay Shizzle, Royalti Vybez, Mix Master Tony and G-Rich. Ladies will be admitted free before 23:00h.
Admission however, is $2000. Doors open at 21:00h and the action will commence later.