Sophia man repays former employers to avoid jail time

A North Sophia, Greater Georgetown man who is accused of stealing over $3 million from his former employers has opted to repay the sum to avoid prosecution.

Darrell LaFargue

Late last year, Darrell LaFargue, 23, was charged with the offence of larceny by clerk or servant committed on Queensway Security Service Incorporated.
It was alleged that during 2021, at Regent Street, Georgetown, while being employed as a clerk or servant at Queensway Security Service Inc, he stole over $3 million from the company. He was released on $650,000 bail pending a trial.
When LaFargue appeared at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts on Monday, Principal Magistrate Sherdel Isaacs-Marcus dismissed the charges against him after he entered into an agreement with the company to repay the monies.
LaFargue has also agreed to have his bail monies go towards the repayment. The Police had brought over 50 charges against him for the offence.