South Georgetown to be an epicentre of new development – VP

…as Aubrey Barker Road link to Ogle-Eccles highway, other plans in works

A number of infrastructural developments in and around the city are slowly coming together to form massive development. This is according to Vice President Bharrat Jagdeo, who says that South Georgetown, Region Four (Demerara-Mahaica), will be at the centre of this development.
In a broadcast interview on Wednesday, Vice President Bharrat Jagdeo spoke of the Government’s infrastructural plans for the city. This includes plans to upgrade and connect Aubrey Barker Road to the four-lane Ogle to Eccles highway being built.
“South Georgetown is going to be the new epicentre of development. Historically, North Georgetown has always been. All the hotels, the buildings, the shopping centres, Region Street, businesses there. With the investments we have planned, the four-lane road going to the airport…
“As you come out of South Ruimveldt too, you’re going to have an international hotel there; you’re going to have a world class hospital there; will have two shopping malls there, along the same stretch, maybe three minutes from here. You already see the businesses migrating south, as you come down the main road, you’ll see it getting brighter,” Jagdeo said.
Jagdeo also spoke about the $1.4 billion being spent in upgrades to Independence Boulevard, commonly called Punt Trench Dam. In fact, Public Works Minister Juan Edghill had conducted a walk through and site visit with contractors and workers only a few days ago. This was to ensure all specifications of the beautification project were met. Following some minor final touches, it is expected to be completed soon.
The 1.8 km project, stretching from Saffon Street to Cemetery Road, has a double-lane carriageway on the northern side and a single-lane carriageway on the southern side. Between these two carriageways lies a promenade outfitted with lights, benches, concrete drains, and strategically placed garbage bins to ensure the maintenance of a clean and environmentally-friendly space.
In addition to increasing property value and easing traffic congestion, the project is aimed at creating job opportunities, as contractors were encouraged to hire residents within the area.
Phase One of the project –Saffon Street to Penitence Street – was executed by Rim Construction Inc. Phase Two –Penitence Street to Garnett Street – was awarded to IB Contracting and Machinery Rental; and Phase Three –Garnett Street to Cemetery Road – was done by CLL Contracting Inc.
The Boulevard Project extending to Cemetery Road also saw Avinash Contracting being responsible for the transformation of the road into four lanes. According to Jagdeo, the properties lining the boulevard will skyrocket in value.
“People will buy out the properties, that’s why I say to people, ‘Don’t sell now, property values are going to escalate in South. Don’t sell now’. So, along with that, you will see a Regent Street-type of environment develop there. Aubrey Barker Road will be widened, connected to the four-lane highway that we’re building from Ogle to Eccles”, he explained.
“Now, that takes you out the city. So, five minutes down or ten minutes from here, you will then have an international hospital – the women and children hospital. Major hospital we’re building at Ogle, and about three hotels will be there,” Jagdeo further said.
The Vice President meanwhile noted that the hotels under construction in Georgetown alone would need some 3,000 persons to work in them. There are a number of hotels currently progressing, ranging from the Sheraton Hotel & Resort to the AC Marriott Hotel and the Hilton. In keeping with Guyana’s push to increase the number of hotel rooms that can accommodate visitors to the country, the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) has been intent on creating an enabling environment for new hotels.
It is an initiative the Government expects would add 2,000 hotel rooms over the next two years. Given Guyana’s growing demand for accommodation for visitors, the Government of Guyana, through its GO-Invest office, had launched an Expression of Interest (EoI) in 2021 for hotel developers. (G3)