Taxi driver arrested after brawl with Police

A 37-year-old taxi driver was taken into custody and is expected to be charged after he allegedly damaged an officer’s cellphone and assaulted another rank.
Anthony Rahaman of Canefield, East Canje, Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne), was arrested on Sunday during a Joint Services patrol in New Amsterdam.
Police in a statement related that ranks were conducting a patrol in the vicinity of Castle Hotel, Chappell Street, New Amsterdam, when they observed a large gathering of persons who were at the time in breach of the COVID-19 protocols.
Ranks said that the individuals were on the roadway consuming alcohol and were not wearing masks.
As such, officers attempted to arrest the violators. It was during the arrest, Rahaman began to behave in a disorderly manner towards the Police. At that time, the man was warned about his behaviour which he failed to correct.
Further, a Corporal who was present attempted to arrest Rahaman but he resisted and allegedly pushed the officer into a drain.
Following this, Rahaman allegedly slapped a mobile phone out of an inspector’s hand and it landed in the same drain. At the time, the inspector was using her cellphone to record what was unfolding.
The disorderly man was eventually subdued by the army ranks and taken to the New Amsterdam Police Station where he was arrested pending charges. The Police also confirmed that a total of 17 persons were also arrested at the same location.