Teen dead, friend critical after minibus slams into bicycle

…Police hunting for hit-and-run driver
A teenager is dead while his friend is in critical condition at the Georgetown Public Hospital after they were struck by a speeding minibus along the Annandale Public Road, East Coast Demerara (ECD) on Sunday about 18:45h.
Dead is 15-year-old Karamchand Khemraj also called “Ajay” of Lot 44 Annandale North, while 16-year-old Reaz Shaw of Lot 35 Annandale Public Road remains in serious condition.
Based on reports received, the teens were heading home from a nearby shop on a pedal cycle when a speeding white Toyota Hiace ‘Pitbull’ minibus struck them down from behind and continued its journey without stopping.
Both boys were picked up and rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital, where Khemraj died about an hour later while receiving medical attention. His friend, who is also his neighbour, was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the medical facility.
At the home of the dead teenager, relatives were preparing for his wake, but his parents were still in a state of shock and disbelief over their son’s death.
His tearful father, Jaipaul Khemraj explained that as soon as he received news about the accident, he rushed to the scene only to see his son and the other teenager lying on the roadway. His son, he stated, was gasping for breath and his eyes were open. He further stated that he rushed home to collect a jersey, but, by the time, he returned to the scene, the two young men had already been picked up and rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital.
Without hesitation, he went straight to the hospital. While there he saw his son on a table attached to an oxygen bottle. “He de still panting for breath and he eyes open… the doctor call me and tell me that meh son can’t make it … soon after he come back and tell me that meh son dead … I went back to see meh son and he eyes de still open looking at me as if he want to say something,” the father cried.
His wife, Loretta Ramroop, told Guyana Times that her son was at home on Sunday afternoon when his friend (Reaz) called out to him. “He de just done cut grass and de lie down in the hammock, so when he friend call, he get up and they went out,” the grieving mother told this publication.
At that time, she did not enquire where the young men were heading. By 18:30h, the duo had not returned, and soon after, she recalled they received news of the accident. She later learnt that her son suffered a broken spinal cord and other injuries.
The dead teen’s sister, Shivanie Ramprasad, who witnessed the accident, related that she was standing on the roadway when the two young men passed her.
“My brother was riding and his friend was sitting in front … when he turn out, same time the bus was coming and the bus overtake another bus and hit he down … me couldn’t see the number plate … I only see it was a silver bus…,” she stated.
He leaves to mourn his parents and four other siblings.
Over at the Shaws’ house, Yacoob Shaw, the father of the injured teenager, told this newspaper that he left for work about 18:30h and soon after he got the message about the accident. He explained that the driver of a pick-up arrived at the scene and the two teenagers were placed in the back and whisked away to the hospital. The father stated that he went to the hospital where he saw his son, who sustained a broken shoulder, broken left hand, and other injuries.
Shaw stated that he spent the night at the hospital, but his son’s condition remained the same. “When I went back later, I see some improvement … but meh son eyes were still closed, and he couldn’t talk … the doctors tell me that the next couple hours gone be critical, but they trying them best so that meh son could pull through,” the man stated.
The injured teen’s brother stated that he was roused from sleep when a friend turned up at the house and told them about the accident. Without hesitation, he rushed to the scene where he saw the injured teens on the roadway.
The brother confirmed that the 16-year-old left home to make a purchase at a shop in Courbane Park – a short distance from their home. The Shaws are optimistic that the young man will pull through.
Meanwhile, the Police remain on the hunt for the driver of the minibus. (Bhisham Mohamed)