Teen girls rush to Police for help

…alleged mom “allows” men to have sex with them
…medical staff refuse to conduct examinations because of lice in girls’ hair

By Kristen Macklingam

Two teenage sisters, who escaped the confines of their East Coast Demerara (ECD) home after their mother allegedly brought several men home to have sex with them, rushed into a Police station and told officers of their horrific life. The girls are now in the custody of the State.
A source told this publication that the two teens, ages 13 and 14, ran out of the house where they lived with their mother, and sought help at a nearby Police station.
When contacted on Saturday, Child Care and Protection Agency (CCPA) Director Ann Greene confirmed that the two girls are indeed in the custody of the State and are receiving the necessary care and medical treatment required.
She explained that when she was notified about the matter on Friday evening, she immediately arranged transportation for the sisters to be taken from the Police station on the ECD to a safe house.
According to Greene, she instructed that the Police needed to take the girls’ mother into custody while the children visited the hospital to undergo medical examinations.
However, it was not smooth sailing for the girls since the doctors on duty could not attend to them immediately because of their physical state of neglect and their hair were filled with lice.
“They said they are not touching the head and we (CCPA) had to go look after this. We had to bring them back to the office, the CCPA officers and myself had to find a barber, and we had to cut off all these girls’ hair. When we are done, my staff had to burn everything, the scissors used, even up to clothes, everything we had to burn because of the lice”.
Greene stated that by the time the CCPA officers had finished and returned to the hospital with the teenagers, the medical services could not have been provided then, because working hours were over in that department of the hospital.
“Today (Saturday), they have gone back because we got to get treatment for these girls, we have got to get them examined, all kinds of thing. We have got to get medicals for these children. It is gross neglect and if a mother allows men to come and have sex with them, it could be trafficking in persons. So we got to call in the trafficking team”.
Guyana Times understands that the sisters were sent to school.
The CCPA Director said that the official reports by the children could not be taken at the Police station when they rushed there for help because the first priority was getting the children into a safe place where they could be cared for and obtain medical treatment.
However, the statements are expected to be lodged formally at the Police station soon.
“We will carry them back Tuesday to the Police and they will give the statements what they have to give. But they could not do the statements on Friday with all that was happening…the doctors could not even look at them. We need a lot more support. We will get the children to tell the story but we first got to get to look after them first…I have got to get medical help for them immediately, get them safe”.
Meanwhile, C Division Commander (East Coast Demerara) Senior Superintendent Calvin Brutus, when contacted by this newspaper on Saturday, stated that the mother of the two girls is presently in Police custody as investigations into the matter continue.