That day when 5 Prime Ministers of Caricom came to Guyana

Dear Editor,
They came, yes, five of them, five Heads of Government from different Caricom countries. They were not here for a “Heads of Government Meeting”, but were on a mission of restoration of democracy, to right a horrific wrong done to the Guyanese people for decades now. They were here to tell the obstinate leader Granger that he had lost the election, and it was high time to accept defeat, give up power, and let this country move on.
Yes, they were here to advise and supervise a clean and peaceful transition of power from the PNC to the PPP/C, something that is a rarity here in Guyana.
Now, if I could refresh our memory, when the dictator and chief rig master of the PNC, Burnham, died, not one of the leaders of Caricom came for his funeral. This in itself was a clear sign that Caricom was not in agreement with the rigging formula Burnham had in place here, and his illegal hold on power.
Caricom abhorred Burnham.
For this very same reason Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley hastily got her team together and travelled down to Guyana, determined that this fraudulent chapter be a thing of the past; Guyana needs to move on into the future of free and fair elections. The Caricom heads were determined that the blighted system of rigging, which held this nation captive for decades, be brought to an end. And there was no better time to do it than as we showcase ourselves to the world as a freedom and peace-loving zone.
The black fraternity of leaders of Caricom was here to right our wrongs and again put Guyana on the development trajectory of modern civilised nations. And with good reason, Mia and her team came to Guyana, she wanted to reintroduce a system of pure democracy, where the Guyanese people could choose who governs them. She wanted a system where the Guyanese people would feel free to live and work in their own country.
The Caricom team badly wanted to restore freedom and development, so that Guyanese would stay at home and not be a burden on their Caricom neighbours. Prime Minister Mottley was, with straightforward subtlety, telling the Granger Administration that they would like the Guyanese people to remain at ease at home in their own country.
So, once again, I salute the valiant effort of Caricom in putting my country back on the freedom and developmental path again.

Neil Adams