The decision to honour Kadir was no mistake

Dear Editor,
There is total public outrage on the recent honouring of convicted terrorist Abdul Kadir by the PNC Government. Chief among those who have expressed their amazement and indignation is the USA through its embassy here in Guyana. The move to honour a terrorist who clearly plotted to commit mass terrorism in their country certainly brought stern rebuke by the superpower. However, it must be noted that even amidst their rebuke, the USA has given recognition to the following commendable acts by the PNC regime.
Those commendable acts as stated by the US Embassy are: “Guyana is a model to the world on religious tolerance and understanding.” These words of commendation were made at an international forum. Further, the US Embassy’s statement affirms the fact that “The Guyana Government has shown security cooperation with the US Government in its extradition of an alleged murderer.”
So, the question any sane person would ask is, why would the PNC-led coalition Government want to change the time honoured good relations with the US, why would they want to upset the US in this wild, reckless move to acclaim a terrorist? Well, the answer is ever so clear. Now, here is the answer to my question. Pursuant to the US making such sweet words of the PNC, they have also made statements to the effect “All parties in Guyana must abide by the Constitution.” The US has also made statements that “there should be free and fair elections in Guyana”. And here is where the rubber hits the road, these statements made by the US do not sit well with the PNC. Whenever you speak of “respect for the Constitution” or the conduct of “free and fair elections,” you have automatically hit a raw nerve on the PNC’s side and this is the real reason for their reaction by honouring Kadir.
The PNC, in a cold, heartless and calculated response to the USA’s what they would call, “interference in their domestic affairs,” plotted this response. The decision to honour a convicted terrorist was not spontaneous nor was it a mistake, it was a clear cut attack on the USA sending that message that you need to butt out of Guyana whenever we are in charge. The PNC is on a course to rig the next election and they are of the firm resolve that the USA should have no oversight of things here while they conduct that nefarious scheme of theirs.
The real reason is as clear as day. Why they would want to sully the good relations they have had with the USA at this time? By their latest actions, they are sending a clear and decisive message to the superpower as to what they want to achieve in this country.

Neil Adams