The need for quick sanctions in certain sections with swift action

Dear Editor,
The weather for the next two weeks in Guyana certainly underlines the state of mind the Guyanese people have endured for the past two years, at least. It is not that rain is not a good thing, but, the heavy thunderstorm, overcast conditions and the absence of the brilliant sunshine certainly casts aspersions to portray a picture of doom and gloom and the presence of evil thriving to conquer good.
It definitely does not conjure the ambience for any happy mood that will propel the urge to participate in any form of celebration. Is this a forewarned sign to adopt any wrongdoing preventative method, or, is it a sign to notify us in advance of the times to follow that will deflect a departure from righteousness to unrighteousness?
Guyana has been showered with the blessings of the national and international community and individuals on a constant basis, supporting the call for free and fair election and the confirmation of the elections recount valid votes that legalise the PPP/C to be sworn in to legitimately govern the country.
Yet the APNU/AFC party members (with the distinct exception of a few brave and honest ones) have categorically insisted on denying the acceptance of the mathematical errors conjured by Mingo and Lowenfield that is so obvious and glaring to the entire world without the shadow of any doubt.
This influence and propaganda for electoral fraud, lies and deceits is masterminded by no other than the chief architect for a renegade leader who continues to squat on the people’s property since 2018 at the defeat of the NCM in favour of the opposition party. Yet, again, the fate of the election’s result is in limbo, hindered by the ongoing appeal case lying with the CCJ to commence on July 1.
Certainly, insanity has taken a new height in precedence and rationality, gone berserk and categorically morbid when a sore loser for a vile dictator has unmasked his real identity and inhumanly unleashed a war of attrition on the poor and suffering underprivileged people of this unfortunate nation. We need not question, query or doubt this transparent claim but can allow our minds to reminisce down memory lane and wax on the inconvenient truth that laid the solid foundation for barefaced advantages taken by this syndicate of lawlessness:
1) Refusal to follow the Constitution of Guyana.
2) Refusal to immediately adhere to the compliance of the NCM.
3) Refusal to adopt the legal framework of choosing a Chairman for GECOM.
4) Refusal to accept the decisions of the CCJ.
5) Refusal to concur with the dictates of GECOM.
6) Refusal to acknowledge the findings of GECOM, Caricom and OAS.
7) Refusal to concede defeat.
8) Refusal to listen to the advice of the national and international community.
9) Refusal to act as a caretaker administrator only.
10) Refusal to comply with Parliament procedures.
11) Refusal to refrain from raping the Treasury.
12) Refusal to act responsibly.
11) Refusal to effectively manage COVID-19 repercussions.
12) Refusal to govern without prejudice.
13) Refusal to eliminate poverty.
14) Refusal to live up to election promises.
15) Refusal to treat all ethnicities equally.
16) Refusal to practice equal employment opportunities.
17) Refusal to allow law and order to take its legal course.
18) Refusal to apply the principles of truth and honesty.
19) Refusal to grasp the concept of freeness and fairness in electoral procedure.
20) Refusal to conform to the honour of dignity and valour.
20) Refusal to avoid corruption and fraud.
21) Refusal to work in the sole interest of this country.
22) Refusal to negotiate for contracts that will provide maximum gains for the people.
23) Refusal to protect the property of the State.
24) Refusal to maintain peace and unity to develop the destiny of this nation.
25) Refusal to listen and grant the “will of the people.”
This stranger for a Mr Hide and Seek certainly appears and disappears conveniently. Is he the puppet for a higher commander? The world has seen enough and realises that because of all these exposures, this nefariously despicable band will try anything in order to forcefully and illegally retain power because of fear of all their misdemeanours coming to light and the refusal of ever allowing anyone else to be given an opportunity to govern.
The international community knows that they cannot trust anything that the APNU/AFC says because of their past history for retraction. The people of this country continue to be depressed from oppression and need immediately, quick and effective sanctions in certain sections, with swift action.
This country is in a state of caucus and desperation, because, regardless of the outcome of the CCJ matter, the APNU/AFC will again repeat their opinion that, that is their interpretation and not that of the APNU/AFC!

Jai Lall