The Smiths victorious in senior and junior divisions

GuyanaNRA/Secure Innovations & Concepts Action Pistol Shoot…

Murtland Smith fired his way to victory in the ‘Senior’ category, while Erwyn Smith did the same in the ‘Junior’ category, when the Small Bore category of the Guyana National Rifle Association (GuyanaNRA) held an Action Pistol Shoot at the Timehri Ranges under sponsorship of Secure Innovations and Concepts Inc.
Murtland Smith accumulated 154 points to win ahead of Azaad Hassan, with 150, and Michael Tang, who ended third on 130 points.
The competition was held in three stages, with respective fixed times of 10 seconds, 25 seconds and 30 seconds; and with limited rounds in their magazines, shooters had to engage targets before the time expired.
Smallbore Captain Dale Hing informed that the event was very challenging for the competitors because of the limited ammunition and fixed time; unlike in the IPSC events, where ammunition is unlimited and time is not fixed.
Erwyn Smith’s winning score in the ‘Junior’ category was 137 points. Settling for second place was Jason Cox on 124 points, with third place going to Brian Backer on 115 points.