Those who forget…

…the 1992 elections
Hamilton Green sought to sanitise his history of thuggery in Guyana’s politics record – this time specifically about his role in the 1992 elections. However, sordid record will need more than his own testimony to even smudge that slate!! So why even discuss whether he was ACTUALLY WITH the mob at the Elections Commission in 1992, which caused President Carter to write in his book, Beyond the White House: “The most personal danger I have felt since leaving the White House was in Guyana in 1992…When I arrived (at the elections HQ) accompanied by three Secret Service agents, the building was surrounded by several hundred rioters, who had already broken all the windows with clubs and stones.”
Carter had to call not only President Desmond Hoyte but also President Bush in Washington, to exert pressure to have the elections counting consummated. Carter wrote that the tension started to build in G/town after the “quick count” showed the PNC was losing. But Green would have us believe that it was because PNC supporters were being disenfranchised because their names weren’t on the voters list. Now there were definitely some issues with the list – which had taken TWO YEARS to sanitise and caused elections to be delayed for that period. But that was random and affected supporters of all the parties. And even Green admits that provisions were made for those persons to vote.
But Green admits he advised Hoyte and PNC “grand old man”, Ptolemy Reid, that the list “was seriously flawed and that he (Hoyte) should use his authority to abort the process”!! What he didn’t say was he used the party machinery – with which he was intimately familiar – to spread the message that the elections were being “stolen”. So his statement that “he knew about the rising tension in Georgetown” is quite disingenuous: along with some radio announcers like Roger Moore, it was he who channelled that “tension” into the rioters.
He derided Hoyte and Reid as “schoolboys”. But they’d cooperated to deny him the Prime Ministership back in 1991 and when expelled from the PNC after the elections, he never forgave them. But Hoyte had peripheralised another leader – David Granger who he sidestepped to make Joe Singh Chief-of-Staff of the Disciplined Forces.
Granger also has never forgiven Hoyte for this personal slight – and also for “accepting” defeat in 1992. One of his first acts after becoming President was to award Green the Order of Roraima and to raise his pension to that of an Ex-President!!
In Green’s book, Granger isn’t a “schoolboy” when it comes to elections.
Hence the present turmoil over GECOM and elections!!

…that pot bottom black!!
Imagine the Chronic had the gall to claim the Stabber News “brings the entire practice of journalism into disrepute”!! And why? Because the SN dared to offer an opinion – in their Editorial space mind you – on the ruling by the split Appellate Court on the NCM vote!! Now your Eyewitness knows that the Chronic is kept on a pretty tight leash by the PM’s shill over at the DPI and he has to faithfully reproduce his master’s voice. After all, Ramjattan has thrown his hat in the ring for the PM’s slot come the next elections – whenever they may fall!!
But yet, how hypocritical can these fellas get? Your Eyewitness used to think that perchance the Chronic’s staff didn’t know better when they regurgitate all that bilge excreted by their political masters. But that was proven so wrong: They lectured that:
“The fundamental objective of journalism is to serve the people with news, views, comments and information on matters of public interest in a fair, accurate unbiased, sober and decent manner.”
So when will they start??

…public service
The Government’s pulled out all the stops at the Square to whitewash their neglect of the masses over the last four years. All Ministries present!!
But voters know that “dew cyan full wha’ rain na full”!!