TIGI concerned about lack of transparency, accountability at GCB

By Delvon McEwan

Due to concerns regarding lack of transparency and accountability at the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) — considerations which have prompted Monday’s protest in front of the Attorney General’s office — a press conference was hosted by stakeholders of the sport at the Malteenoes Sports Club (MSC) Pavilion.
Transparent Institute Guyana Inc. found it necessary to lend support to mend fences and return operation to normalcy nationwide.
Speaking with Guyana Times Sport on Wednesday, TIGI President, Dr Troy Thomas, said the concerns for transparent operation within a public organization are necessary, otherwise there will be a need for regularization; thus his institution will have a role to play.
In this case, there are continuous calls for immediate elections to be held at the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB), since one has not been held there since 2009.
Because due process has not been adhered to, Thomas noted, there will be issues pertaining to transparency and accountability; who is responsible, and for whom they are responsible.

Dr Troy Thomas, President of TIGI

Initially, TIGI wanted to meet with the GCB officials and the stakeholders to chart a positive way forward, but that never materialized.
Alfred Bhulai, Director of TIGI, was not present at the press conference, but expressed his concerned via a message which was read by former national cricketer Neil Barry, who chaired the event.
“Transparency Institute (Guyana) Inc is pleased to send this large reminder to the Government to execute its duties in a timely manner. Cricket is the national sport that binds and inspires us most, and this long continuance of the lack of transparency and accountability by the present officials purporting to represent Guyana at West Indies and ICC levels is corrupting the fairness associated with the word ‘cricket’ here in our country. The cricket stakeholders may therefore certainly be assured that TIGI will continue to be concerned until transparency and accountability are fully restored.”