Time to fix fundamentals on which modern, free society is built – Ali

Presidential Candidate of the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) – the party which won the March 2 General and Regional Elections – is calling on all Guyanese to help build a new Guyana.

PPP/C Presidential Candidate, Dr Irfaan Ali

Dr Irfaan Ali, in a brief statement on his Facebook page, expressed that “I say now is the time to fix the fundamentals on which a modern and free society is built.”
He added that “this is the moment to fill the cracks on the pillars of democracy, cast the beams of unity and build the tower of destiny, not by stones and steel, but by all of us individually and collectively. To do this we have to change our mindset, and reprogram the way we think and act.”
Ali highlighted that his father always told him to “strike the iron whilst it is hot”.
Against this backdrop, the President-elect said: “the fight for democracy, rule of law, economic and social development, political will and societal involvement are hot this moment and we must strike it as a nation and shape it into the country that the future generations will be proud of and never again must we find ourselves in this position as a people and country.”
On Saturday last, Ali expressed sadness that at a time when Guyana as a nation should have been focusing on COVID-19, the selfish actions of a few continue to derail any attempts to help those who are impacted directly and indirectly by the virus. According to him, the very stability of Guyana is at stake.
“All of this is occurring at a time when our country and our people are faced with many difficulties. The COVID pandemic, for example. Our efforts, our attention, should be focused on ensuring that we combat this COVID pandemic. Bring relief to families, businesses. To ensure that we stem the spread of COVID and support communities that are affected.”
“But the selfish acts of a few is distracting us as a nation from focusing on the real issues and problems. As I speak to you, many families are without an income, food, the ability to pay for essential services. We cannot pursue policies to put back money in people’s pockets and secure their livelihood, return life to normalcy, stabilise our country.”
The national report had shown that the PPP/C won the elections with 233,336 votes while the APNU/AFC coalition garnered 217,920. Justice Singh on Monday gave Chief Elections Officer, Keith Lowenfield another chance to prepare a final report based on the recount after three incorrect reports were submitted by him.