Top Cop satisfied with report

Crime statistics

Following the release of the Guyana Police Force’s monthly crime statistics, Police Commissioner Seelall Persaud has indicated that he is satisfied with the figures, despite a spike in several criminal offences.
The report, released on Thursday, revealed a five per cent decrease in serious crimes at the end of May, when compared to that of the corresponding period in 2016.
However, at the same time, the official publication also projected an alarming 60 per cent increase in robbery with violence, as well as a 10 per cent hike in robbery with aggravation.
The Commissioner of Police, during an interview with media operatives on Friday, indicated that these numbers should not warrant much concern.
When questioned as to whether or not he is concerned about the figures, the Top Cop responded, “You look at the percentage and it may seem high. Look at the numbers.”
As a matter of fact, the Police Commissioner went on to say, “There is a decrease in murder; there is a decrease in gun-related robberies. The most frequent serious crime offenses we have are break and enter and larceny, (and) there is a huge decrease in break and enter and larceny.” As such, he questioned, “Should I be concerned?”
Emphasising the decrease in serious crimes, Persaud dubbed the peak in lesser offences insignificant in comparison to accomplishments made to contain serious offences such as murder.
The top cop expressed his satisfaction with the crime fighting and prevention efforts undertaken by the Force.
As a result, the Guyana Police Force continues to embark on initiatives aimed at projecting similar positive reports.
The reimplementation of operation ‘White Knight’, as well as the constant recruitment of new ranks, paired with continuous training of officers within the Force are among the undertakings aimed at increasing the efficiency of Guyana’s crime fighting and prevention body, the media was told.