Total disrespect for Guyanese

Dear Editor,
We have seen total disrespect for the people of Guyana. President Granger and his advisers have shown total disregard for the Constitution and the very honourable courts. Such delaying tactics must cease, and the only way is by means of sanctions against Guyana, and in particular, financial sanctions – which would halt all banking transactions to and from Guyana.
Such sanctions are to be withdrawn once there are free and fair elections according to the Constitution and the CCJ.
With the Government presently engrossed with their survival, the investors and oil companies must be gleaming and rubbing their hands saying let it continue as long as possible so there is no interference with their operations. The Government forgot their responsibility to all Guyanese. They are the losers.
Finally, I think President Granger should extricate himself from the shell where he is cocooned by his not so clever advisers, and show the nation that he is at least trying to be a statesman with respect for the people of Guyana, its Constitution and the law.

Quin Anderson