Tragedy for political gains

Dear Editor,
There is an interesting ‘blunt’ question and answers published in the Kaieteur News, which stated as follows: “How do we dignify our dead and emphasize our humanity? How do we respect them, reflects how we respect ourselves. We pause for a poignant moment for these children. We hurt for their hurting parents. We reach to support, family community, and people.”
This is exactly what the President and the Guyanese people, and others abroad in other countries, have done in response to the Mahdia tragedy. Unfortunately, a handful of publicity-and-power-seekers have sought to translate this national tragedy into their own personal benefit, disrespecting the victims and their families, blaming the Government, and calling for resignations.
How have the PNC ever responded to the pains and sufferings of the families of victims of any type of disaster? How have they responded to the pain and sufferings of the Guyanese people? What tangible contributions have they ever made to ensure that this nation heals? They have always used these tragic events as the basis for their dirty politicking, and to unleash the only strategy they know – violent street protests; wreaking havoc; and multiplying the agony of the people, resulting in loss of lives and property.
Is there any honesty of purpose for those attacking the Government and calling for resignations? How do we anticipate that someone will intentionally put a building on fire? How do we anticipate that someone will kill another?
It is most tragic that, as we weep for the loss of 20 precious lives, there are those who, like vultures, are bent on turning this national disaster into a sumptuous political meal. On one hand, the Opposition are calling on the public to allow the grieving families space to mourn, but, on the other hand, they are the ones who are most vociferous on social media and behind the scenes, encouraging protests and kindling hate and racial strife and division.
It is no secret that the political Opposition in this country cannot make any tangible contribution to nation building. Their brains are wired to give every issue a political twist to fulfil their quest for power.
The President, on 25th May, made known the Government’s intention to establish a Commission of Inquiry (CoI) to investigate the tragic fire at the Mahdia dormitory. Unfortunately, some have already performed the duties of judge, jury and executioner. The Opposition called for a CoI, but are unwilling to await its outcome, which will entail culpability as well as recommendations to avoid such disasters in the future. In these times, the Opposition will continue to expose their lack of competence to govern this nation, and their members and supporters will continue to move further away from them.
Let us continue to pray and support the families of these beautiful souls. This Government has already committed to the task of supporting the families, and I have full confidence in the Irfaan Ali Administration to courageously move this nation forward to becoming ONE GUYANA, ushering in a sustained period on peace and prosperity.

Yours sincerely,
Haseef Yusuf