Trump leaving the State of the Union worse than he had inherited

Dear Editor,
History is well in the making as this article is being read today. Times has changed, and the world is experiencing a tinge of excitement as Joe Biden is being sworn in as the 46th President of the United States of America, and Kamala Harris is being sworn in as the Vice President.
There is great hope and unsurmountable anticipation, as Americans are witnessing an unprecedented, record-breaking first achievement in the annals of politics and lifestyle in America. It is the first time that a woman is occupying the seat as a Vice President; it is the first time a non-Caucasian has been chosen for this portfolio; it is the first time a Black Asian-American has attained this status; it is the first time an immigrant’s child has risen to the penultimate of being the President; it is the first time an American with Indian ancestors has risen to such a high level; it is the first time an American with West Indian ancestors has been elevated to this honourable position.
This manifestation represents the will of the American people to reach out and accept the current changes challenging today’s social issues; to acknowledge a willingness to be flexible; to be cognisant of a culpable multi-cultural society; to be more aware of a vibrant metropolitan surrounding; to embrace reality and practise equality; to override and overrule white supremacy.
President Barack Obama, a Black American, is the shining beacon, and now the baton is in the capable hands of Kamala Harris, a daughter from immigrants. All this is happening as we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr’s Day, to further unveil his dream from his generation to materialise and the current generation to realise.
Democracy has been restored, and America is once again the keeper of liberty and the protector of fraternity. The failed coup of Trump and his mob of anarchists has dismantled an infrastructure of bullies masquerading as mercenaries and revolutionaries, for the demand of power-drunk madness. The upheaval at Capitol Hill on January 6th reinforces the need for America to be wary of domestic terrorists. What is scarier is the new evidence highlighting the involvement of the Republicans’ support for Capitol Hill siege.
Meanwhile, there have been numerous arrests and hundreds of charges instituted. Many were dismissed from their jobs for their involvement. Many Republicans have switched parties. For today’s inauguration, some 25,000 National Guard troops are being deployed, more than three times the amount in Iraq and Afghanistan combined.
This siege followed a turmoil that began with a highly contested election engulfed with the re-emerging of dangerous white supremacy advocating the pervasion of racial domination, and the Black Lives Matter Movement protesting for the treatment of equality and justice. Protesters took to the streets in all the States, many of them suffering injuries from serious clashes with the Police. Rioters also took advantage of the rallies to create mayhem, damaging properties and going on a rampage of looting.
On top of all these skirmishes, President Trump vaulted and faulted to reveal his true colours; his ethnic preference; his devious characteristics; his prejudice; his lies, deceits and dishonesty; his convoluted agenda to mislead; his choice for injustice; his insane lust for power, grabbing same illegitimately; his wicked, corrupt mind and his willingness and eagerness to fool Americans for his selfish gain.
Yet, he won some 74 million votes at the November 2020 election.
On the penultimate day for leaving office, President Donald Trump is departing as a battered and broken man, besmirched in shame and disgrace, isolated and lonely, with many close allies deserting his company and abstaining from his friendship, angry, flustered, confused, shaken and disturbed with a number of negative firsts. His ratings have drastically dropped to 29 percent approval on his last day in office, making him the first person with the lowest rating as a president on his way out. He is the first President to be twice impeached by the House; he is the first President to incite a revolt on Capitol Hill in the past century; he is the first President not to attend his successor’s inauguration; he is the first President not to concede defeat in an election; he is the first President to boycott the symbolic passing-of-the–torch traditions that have been the capstones of the peaceful transition of power from one administration to the other; he is the first President to withdraw the US from The World Health Organisation; he is the first President not to acknowledge climate change; he is the first President to have been married 4 times; he is the first President to have filed 6 bankruptcies.
The tarnished Trump and his wife Melania are expected to depart at 8am today, to leave for their new residence in Mar-A Lago in Palm Beach, Florida. In one of his final acts as President, Trump was expected to grant clemency to as many as 100 people. The list of pardons and commutations is expected to include unfamiliar names as well as political friends and allies like those he pardoned in the past. There is talk of potential demonstrations in all the States, and there is a high alert code for security in the nation.
President Trump leaves the White House in a sad state of despair, out-of-touch with reality, still believing that he was robbed of an election victory, and leaving the State of the Union worse than he had inherited.

Jai Lall