Trump’s trauma trampled the truth

Dear Editor,
Epiphany – January 6th – is observed as a church festival in commemoration of the coming of the Magi as the first manifestation of Christ to the gentiles; or, in the Eastern Church, the commemoration of the baptism of Christ. What occurred on January 6th in America was instead a last manifestation perhaps, of the departure of a demon.
The day was plagued with turmoil and troubles by Biden’s adversaries, and not until midnight did a shaken and stirred US Congress confirm and certify Biden’s win and victory. It was a dark day for democracy in the USA, when America was under siege; a coup was incited, influenced, inspired and instigated by outgoing President Trump in a “Dessert Storm” fashion; pro-Trump mobs, gangsters, thugs and anarchists staged a violent insurrection to bulldoze their way and physically stampede all over Capitol Hill. It was a day when America ceased to be the icon for the “Beacon of Hope” and became a sore for the “Symbol of Despair.”
Two women and two men died, 52 were arrested, dozens of people were hurt in an unruly crowd, and many Capitol Hill Police officers were injured in the line of duty. Republicans who voted for the destructor who wanted to make America great again are now angry, and are rebuffing Trump as the destroyer who is tearing America apart.
When the oxygen is being taken away from supporters, this day has become a turning point, and Republicans have come to realise that might is not right, and they are not going to protect America by attacking the Capitol Hill. Trump encouraged and urged the organised gathering to walk down together on to Capitol Hill and take back America, not by weakness, but in strength and by being strong, to prevent VP Pence from discharging his legal duty in allowing the smooth process of the counting of the certification of the electoral college votes.
It was a stomach-turning and gut-wrenching day, when protesters were turned into rioters and goons looted and vandalised Capitol Hill, and engaged in criminal activities in order to disrupt a constitutional process. It was not dissent, but disorder and lawlessness orchestrated at the behest of President Trump, nursing a selfish man’s injured pride, a man who had abandoned his post and chose to wax his time golfing and instructing the rolling of heads of non-supportive Republicans in any official capacity, and instigating his rebels to revolt and help him not to abide in any peaceful presidential transition.
Donald Trump wanted VP Pence to overturn the results of the election, which show that Joe Biden was legally elected as the next President, and Kamala Harris was lawfully elected as the next Vice President.
As the sitting President, Trump tried numerous legal petitions challenging the results, and all were dismissed or retracted. Many were appealed and treated indifferently by the courts in various districts.
It was really surreal, and this infamous caucus saw the end of an era of an erratic Trump endangering the lives of members of Congress, who had to dive for safety, security officers drawing guns to prevent them from being physically attacked.
Shocked, surprised and sad, President-elect Joe Biden painstakingly addressed the nation, saying: “Democracy is under an unprecedented assault”, requesting Trump to address the despicable situation, and go on national television to call off this unlawful act by his supporters and ask them to vacate the premise and go home peacefully. Biden asked Trump to perform his presidential duty and defend the constitution. Donald trump allowed the unruly crowd to conduct their illegal and criminal activities for the whole day, and it wasn’t until almost the end of the day, when the 6pm to 6am curfew in the State of Washington DC was about to kick in, that he, in a one-minute address video-tape, told his rowdy men and women to go hope peacefully.
But he also reminded them that the election was a fraud, lying to them and saying that he loved them. His words would support the violent behaviour and the repercussions, thus the call for accountability, impeachment, sanction, a commission of enquiry and the enactment of the 25th Amendment. This Amendment can pave the way for VP Pence to become the President for the remaining period until the 20th of January, Donald Trump being deemed incompetent to occupy the seat as incumbent president.
The Mayor of Washington DC adumbrated that it was a cold and horrible day when the assault on democracy was unbelievable, shameful, unlawful, and unpatriotic. Trump’s violation of duty, his abuse of power, and Wednesday’s fiasco are things that happen only in a Third World country, as acclaimed by Trump’s once close Republican senators and friends. His supportive allies, including Graham and Pence, departed from his company, rebuked his actions, and asserted that such revolting actions were tantamount to a revolution and attested to a civil war, a Davis vs Lincoln. It was an active domestic terror committed by white supremacists. Two pipe bombs, one from the DNC and one from the ANC, and other weapons were found. These groups are related to the KKK, perpetrators of white racism.
The troubled and trembling Republican senator Mitt Romney, in his address to the floor, pleaded with Trump to desist with his lies and tell the truth, reminding the world that what they witnessed does not represent America. Disgusted and disturbed by Trump’s devious and devilish diabolism, his display of arrogance, pompous false ego and bombastic sagacity, staff from his administration resigned, and his closest allies abandoned him in frustration and embarrassment.
The rest of the world was shocked and appalled at the tyranny, as they witnessed the shame and disgrace executed by Trump and his advocates. Guyanese were reminded of the APNU/AFC’s vulgarity and hooliganism displayed by senior members of the party during the counting of the election votes last March. Guyana was also held under siege by Granger and his cabal, as they attempted to rig the election and refused to concede to a PPP/C victory as confirmed by a CARICOM recount result.
Granger and his APNU/AFC party humiliated Guyanese at home and abroad; and now, as if tutoring Trump, Trump duplicated Granger’s nescience to paint a day of doom and gloom, tarnishing the image of America at home and abroad. It was a desolate day that began shakily for the Democrats, but ended on a solid foundation as they sealed control of the Senate, as they won both of the Senate seats in the State of Georgia, thereby securing command of both the House and the Senate. Not until the wee hours on Thursday morning did Trump pledge an orderly transition to a Biden’s Presidency, but he has still not conceded. He remains isolated in his lonely world, just as Granger remains hiding in his palace. It is humiliating, as the world notes that Twitter and Facebook blocked Trump’s account indefinitely.

Jai Lall