TVG demands “$121M arrears” owners be revealed

… “loudmouth Vieira in conflict of interest”, financials to be resubmitted

The Management of TVG Ch 28 reacted sharply to the statement in other sections of the press attributed to Tony Vieira at a press conference by the Guyana National Broadcasting Authority (GNBA) on the status of the broadcasting licence to the corporation.
They said “the loudmouth as usual was just mouthing off” to speak conclusively on a subject he does not have the authority to do so. Claiming that TVG might not have submitted its financials for 2013 and 2014, Vieira alluded to the owner of the station, Dr Bobby Ramroop, and said crudely, “He ain’t gon see a licence for 2016.”

Anthony Vieira
Anthony Vieira

The Chairman of the GNBA, Leonard Craig, however, subsequently pointed out that the Board had not met to make a decision on its action on TVG. At the Press Conference, the Finance Committee Chairman Vic Insanally revealed that only “three or four” TV broadcasters had paid their annual $2.5 million annual fees, adding that a total of $121 million was outstanding –some going back to 2013.
In its statement, management of TVG stated emphatically that the corporation was one of the broadcasters that paid their fees on time and it “now calls on Vieira to reveal the names of those who have defaulted to the tune of $121 million and are not threatened with losing their licences.”

The company revealed that financials were previously submitted to the GNBA and they would be resubmitting them to their new location. These were requested to determine whether the licence fee should be three per cent of the revenues, if that amount exceeds $2.5 million, which they did not. The management of TVG also demanded that Vieira reveal whether the delinquent $121 million broadcasters had submitted their financials.
They noted “we read that an amnesty will be declared for defaulters and once again defaulters will be rewarded, therefore providing a perverse incentive for companies not to perform in accordance to the law.”
The company stated that Vieira was not only speaking out of turn, but had a clear conflict of interest that disqualified him from pronouncing on the status of TVG. He once owned the station which he sold to Dr Ramroop and has an outstanding matter before the courts pursuant to that sale. Vieira operated an illegal radio station, the assets of which were seized by the National Frequency Management Unit (NFMU).