UK Company 1E continues support for local cricketers

-former national middle distance star influential

Former national middle distance star Waveney Benn once again used her influence to garner support for young cricketers of the Demerara Cricket Club (DCC).
Benn, who has made it a habit to journey annually to the land of her birth, has also utilized the opportunity to solicit support from UK-based Software firm IE to assist in the further development of young aspiring athletes and this time the DCC was the recipient of a quantity of cricket boots through the goodwill of Benn’s place of employment.
The now retired Benn, who dominated the local scene in the late seventies and early eighties, before migrating to the UK, is no stranger to offering support for young athletes and while her association with cricket is relatively new, her desire to see young athletes progress goes way beyond her first love athletics.
Speaking via telephone yesterday, Benn said it was really her situation when she was a young budding athlete that has made her determined to assist whenever she could.
“I came from a situation where I grew up in a home that could not afford a pair of running shoes for me, but was always determined to succeed, but not because that was my circumstance I am going to ignore the plight of others, instead whenever I could, support would be coming,” Benn assured.
She said during her visit she would normally make it her duty to go around and watch athletes from several disciplines during training sessions and competitions and what she saw was a lot of talent, but a lack of proper gears to enhance the athletes’ preparation and performance which very often contributes to the athlete’s frustration and in many instances the talent goes to waste. Hence she vowed to return to the UK and use all her connections to give back and so far it has been constant and successful and she thanked all those including her fellow employees and employer for their unwavering support to the cause.
Careful to state that she has not abandoned her sport of choice, the urge to offer assistance to the DCC was prompted by a conversation she had with several senior club executives. This is not the first time that the UK Software firm 1E has supported
Benn in her endeavor and according to her; CEO Sumir Karayi has agreed to lend assistance in the future. Benn was quick to acknowledge the support given by fellow staffers, who according to her did not hesitate to get on board.
“I have an excellent relationship with my Company and Staffers and I would like to extend my gratitude to all of them, we are a family.”
However, she insisted that the ones she really loves to help are those who portray the right attitude and commitment because they remind her of her own approach and dedication to sport.
She thanked the Software firm for its timely support and wished that the relationship grow from strength to strength in the future.
Meanwhile, club representative Roger Harper thanked the track & field star for her continued support to the organisation, adding that the donation will be used to benefit the young cricketers.