Understanding why Granger and PNC have people rushing back to the PPP

Dear Editor,
Our friend Freddy laments that many of his friends including new national hero, Charrandas Persaud, are going back to the PPP. That group also includes me. The PNC failures have forced me to go back too because the “litmus test” for me is which of the big two parties are more likely to give up power when defeated or when the court has ruled, and which party will not willingly give up power once the court has ruled, but would rather keep power by any means necessary. The PPP followed the Constitution and gave up power twice, but the PNC refused and dragged it out for 15 months, rigging an extra year in office although defeated by the No-Confidence Motion. So the PNC made itself illegal again, just like the old Burnhamist times. It should not be that every time the PNC is in power, you have to launch a struggle to win back democracy. Freddy, that’s why people have gone back to the PPP.
The PNC violated the trust many crossover voters placed in them by becoming the “exchange”, not the “change” they promised to be. They are not promise keepers, not keeping promises to the AFC nor the nation. Months into their reign, the enormous goodwill the PNC coalition received was evaporated as the PNC took the wrong trajectory and gave us many scams from the unneeded D’Urban Park, drug bond scandal, to hiding oil money received, many many procurement scams, the sellout of oil, and land and resource grabbing on their way out. Freddy, that’s why people have gone back to the PPP.
The worst was the PNC’s undemocratic nature in Granger and the PNC raping the Constitution in refusing to dissolve the Cabinet and hold elections within 90 days as required. Granger’s refusal to honour the Carter Formula in appointing the Chairman of the Elections Commission, and referring to Judges’ decisions as their mere opinions and that he has opinions of his own, revived the ghost of unbridled

Burnhamism. The lowest point of the PNC was their party leader reportedly saying, “The only friends I got is PNC so the only people I gon give wuk to is PNC and right now I looking for a doctor who can talk Spanish or Portuguese and ah want one that is PNC” (KN, Nov 30, 2018). That statement has killed her politically – there is no recovering from that! We had such doctrines of “paramountcy of the party” under the first PNC and it pauperised our nation. Freddy, that’s why people have gone back to the PPP.
When we look daily at pictures of who is graduating from training programmes or who is getting PNC goodies, or who is being appointed to committees and commissions, it is nauseating that the PNC has little sensitivity to diversity. The Berbice economy was virtually closed down and the Inquiry Report into GuySuCo was not implemented. The sugar workers had to sue for their severance. They are not enjoying the “good life” the PNC promised. Yet, Murtland Williams was upset that Mr Jagdeo said people were going hungry (KN, Dec 21, 2019). Freddy, that’s why cross-over voters have gone back to the PPP.
The Office of the President has recently been playing up Granger going to church. To win again, he will need a miracle of God turning PPP votes into PNC votes. Should Granger not be going to confessionals instead and atone for violating the Constitution with PNC math that says 33 is not the majority in a 65-member Parliament, which was the basis on which they got into Government?
Freddy, that’s why cross-over voters have gone back to the PPP.

Jerry Singh