Unprofessional public servants

Dear Editor,
In this changing world, as humans, we should be respectful to each other, regardless of our position, especially when we are public servants.
I am an overseas-based NIS pensioner who get my overseas life certificate notarised at the Guyana Consulate Office in Miami Florida, after which I send it to the National Insurance Scheme (NIS) office in Guyana.
My last certificate was done on July 23, 2021, and it should have already been received by the NIS office in Georgetown. To be certain it was received, I contacted the NIS Office in G/town via the chat session, and was directed to contact Ms. Cranmore, NIS Public relations Officer.
I did contact her via her e-mail [email protected] on 4 occasions during last week, but she did not respond to my queries.
However, recently, in eagerness to find out whether the Guyana Consulate Officer had sent the document to Guyana, as was done regularly, I contacted the Consulate Officer, and upon enquiring, the person responded, “How the hell you get this number?”
After the outburst, she hung up the phone.
My question is: Who do these people think they are? God forbid, if I were in Guyana, I would have called a press conference, then go public for them.

Albert Persaud