US Congressman writes Granger on transition of Govt

…urges smooth handover of power
…throws support behind State Department’s work

United States (US) politicians continue to take a strong stance on the ongoing electoral process in Guyana, with US Congressman Bill Posey writing to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Guyana’s caretaker President David Granger urging a smooth transition of Government.

US Congressman Bill Posey

In a letter seen by this publication, Posey wrote to Secretary of State Pompeo to pledge his support for any measures taken to ensure a smooth process in Guyana. Posey also referenced two letters he wrote to President Granger, urging him to obey the will of the people.
“In your July 1, 2020 press conference, you said it has now been four months since Guyana’s election and that it is long past due for a peaceful transition of power. You have instructed the State Department to ensure that those who undermine Guyana’s democracy are held accountable,” Posey wrote. He noted that he fully supports the actions to ensure the peaceful transition to the new and duly elected Government in Guyana. “I have twice written to President Granger to urge him to obey the will of his people as expressed in free and fair elections,” he also wrote.
In the letter to Pompeo, Posey urged the State Department to do whatever is in its power to facilitate the transition of Government in Guyana. He also informed the Department of his readiness to assist if needed.
Meanwhile, Posey’s letter to Granger dated July 6 had reminded the A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) leader that the elections belong to the people and that the transition to a duly elected Government must begin.

Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo

According to Posey in his letter, it is important for Guyana’s democracy to be sustained to ensure a strong economy. Posey made it clear that frustrating the outcome of the elections erodes the reality of democracy.
“My letter of June 5, 2020, made clear that in democracies, elections belong to the people… Caribbean Community (CARICOM) observers have now confirmed the results of your nation’s March 2nd election. The will of your people is now made evident, and the transition to the duly elected government must now begin,” Posey wrote in his letter.
“I urge you to declare the results of the election and begin the process of bringing the newly elected government to office. In honoring fair and democratic elections, Guyana can sustain its place in the community of American states. More importantly, you can assure the benefits of democracy and liberty to your people.”
According to Posey, democracy and freedom combined with a free enterprise economy is what Guyana needs now to grow its economy and promote the well-being of Guyanese. He, therefore, urged Granger to facilitate an orderly transition to a new and duly elected Government.

It has been over four months since Guyanese went to the polls and there has been no lawful result. Issues surrounding the election results are currently before the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ), which will render a judgement today.

Caretaker President David Granger

The international community has overwhelmingly declared that the results from the recount, which show a PPP victory, should be used. Calls urging Granger to concede have come from several other US politicians, including the powerful Marco Rubio, Chairman of the United States’ Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee on Western Hemisphere, Transnational Crime, Civilian Security, Democracy, Human Rights, and Global Women’s Issues.
Many, such as the Organisation of American States (OAS), have called on the A Partnership for National Unity/ Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) to begin the process of transition, which will allow the legitimately-elected Government to take its place.
This call came just after the Caribbean Community (Caricom) high-level observation team that oversaw the recount said in its report on the elections recount that the process was conducted in “a professional, transparent and impartial fashion”, which allowed GECOM, political parties and other stakeholders to accurately determine the results for each Polling Station. As such, the OAS reiterated that there is no reason not to support the results of the recount process.
The recount process shows the PPP/C won the March 2 General Election with 233,336 votes cast in its favour. The APNU/AFC secured 217,920 votes. For the new parties, the numbers are as follows: A New and United Guyana – 2313; Change Guyana –1953; Liberty and Justice Party – 2657; People’s Republic Party – 889; The Citizenship Initiative – 680; The New Movement – 244; and the United Republican Party – 360.
In the Regional Elections, the PPP/C also won with 233,661 votes, while APNU/AFC secured 217,055 votes. Change Guyana – 2607; Fed-Up Party – 153, Liberty and Justice Party – 2935; Organisation for the Victory of the People – 448; People’s Republic Party – 927; and the United Republican Party – 1369. According to the numbers, the PPP/C is to ascend to the seat of power, while the APNU/AFC is now Guyana’s main Opposition.