Use of a national tragedy to score political points is unconscionable

Dear Editor,
The reprehensible behaviour and statements of members of the People’s National Congress-led Opposition have been atrocious.
These political jesters who masquerade as leaders are regularly out of place and exhibit gross political immaturity.
The dormitory fire in Mahdia has traumatised many Guyanese. The sympathies of this letter writer go out to all those who suffered or have lost a loved one or friend. In this tragic moment in our history, we stand as One Guyana as our country has lost. There is no winner in these tragic situations.
This day, May 22nd, ought to be dedicated as an annual day of mourning for the lives of those lost at the peak of their educational zeal and youthfulness.
Ministers of the Government flew to Mahdia to assess the situation and offer condolences and other services to the region. Mobilisation of various Government agencies and assistance from the private sector were all lauded efforts in this tragic time.
The tragedy that took the lives of twenty young Guyanese and injured many others has saddened the nation. Guyanese have expressed their sympathies and condolences whilst unfortunately, some members of the political Opposition wasted no time in politicising this tragedy.  They clearly have an embedded intent to politicise and contextualise everything along the line of race as well.
The absurdities of the statements of Opposition-aligned members have left much to be desired. I was appalled at these utterances.
This stupendous posturing is unimpressive and further exemplifies the petty and uncaring nature of the PNC-led Opposition and its politics of division. Their intent to sow discord among Guyanese, irrespective of the circumstance is as clear as day.
Those Opposition members who sought to score points; political or otherwise, have no place in our country and displayed no leadership quality or consideration for the affected and their loved ones.

Yours truly,
Annalise Humphrey