Veerasammy Permaul and Windies selection

Dear Editor,
A few hours ago, my attention was drawn to an article online on the selection of a 25-man West Indies squad to go to England for a three-Test series.
When I perused the list, I was shocked and simultaneously hopping mad when I did not see Veerasammy Permaul’s name on that list.
Imagine, a squad that consists of 25 players, not 15, and Permaul can’t find himself in that team? Something is terribly wrong; nay, stinks! Editor, what more must Permaul do to make the West Indies Team?
I am bitterly disappointed in our own Roger Harper, who, only recently in an interview, said Permaul is right up there in the pecking order to go on the tour to England.
What went wrong, Roger? Why the change of heart? When I look at that list, there are so many players of less ability than Permaul’s that they should not have been there. What has happened to your stated policy and that of the West Indies Board: that players who perform consistently at the Regional level would be rewarded with selection to the West Indies team? Has that policy been thrown out of the window?
Permaul has been the number one bowler in Regional cricket for the past five years. What more must he do to make the West Indies team, Roger?
Editor, one thing is clear: Over the years, Guyanese cricketers have always been given a raw deal by various West Indies’ selection panels, and I have no doubt this will continue into the future.
I therefore appeal to the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) to break away from Cricket West Indies Inc. and apply to be an ICC Associate Member. With a Guyana team consisting of Permaul, Bishoo, Motie, Bramble, Hetmyer, Paul, Johnson, Hemraj, Shepherd, Barnwell, Singh, Sinclair, Joseph and many other youngsters too numerous to mention, within two years, Guyana could become a full-fledged member of the ICC.
Please, GCB, heed my plea and give greater opportunities to more of our cricketers.

Yours faithfully,
Imtiaz Baccus