Verdict to be handed down in 7 accused for killing Meten-Meer-Zorg man

After the two prosecution star witnesses identified the seven persons accused of being part and parcel of the robbery on a Meten-Meer-Zorg grocery store that led to the death of Zulfikar Namdar; the jury will soon determine innocence or guilt after three weeks on trial. This comes after Defence Counsels Nigel Hughes, Adrian Thompson and George Thomas presented their cases before the 12 members on Wednesday at the High Court in Georgetown.
Allan Dorsett called “Baird”; Delwayne Croft; Esan Lawrence, called “Muscle”; Jermaine Williams, called “Yankee”; Andrew Chandler, called “Sonic”; Samuel Bacchus, called “Kirk”; and Cassandra Singh-Dorsett have all denied murdering Namdar. The 20-year-old man met his demise in September 2013 when masked gunmen stormed his parents’ premises asking for cash and the boss man.
The lawyers sought to highlight inconsistencies in the testimonies of star witnesses Chris Jagdeo and self-confessed drug dealer Nick Skeete. Skeete said the attack was planned in his backyard when the male defendants were smoking cannabis they purchased from him. Meanwhile, Chris Jagdeo claimed he watched the Dorsett’s baby and was there when the alleged robbers returned from the crime scene.
The robbers reportedly made off with jewellery and cash from Mrs Namdar but the store owner, Goolzar Namdar, said he remained in hiding when he spotted the masked attackers. During the trial, the jury heard from Police that Mrs Dorsett allegedly gave the men head ties to cover their faces before the crime was committed.
Justice Navindra Singh has been presiding over the matter while Prosecutors Tuanna Hardy, Abigail Gibbs and Teriq Mohammed prosecuted the case. The verdict is expected to be handed down on Monday.