Viraat Sabhaa Guyana condemns Vice News actions

Dear Editor,
The Viraat Sabhaa Guyana is convinced that the dialogue and interview with the Vice President by Vice News was rooted in deception. The Sabhaa is firm in its conviction the patriotism demonstrated by the Vice President is second to none. The despotic behavior of Vice News personnel is a testimoy of their hate to our leadership. The pandits and leaders associated with the Sabhaa see the accusation of corruption as without merit. It is deliberate attempt by Vice News to destroy our social fabric and destablised our economic advancement. The Viraat Sabhaa also sees it as act to detract our citizens from COI of the 2020 general elections fraud. The Sabhaa fully endorses the statement made by the president and encourages all of our hindu families not to be betrayed by Vice News deception to slander and stain our VP’s reputation.

Viraat Sabhaa