Was industrial sabotage occurring under previous Administration?

Dear Editor,
Immediately after the change of Government, signs could be seen all over, signalling that things might be looking better. Even ‘Cold Cases’ could be seen being solved by the Guyana Police Force, attitudes seemed to be different in most places including Government entities. One first assumption was that as a result of the changes, staff might be under the impression that they would be replaced by party supporters or in some cases, party supporters would be given jobs and their attitude changed drastically. Ironically after the first year, the attitudes seemed to return to normal, bribery/paying for service seemed back to normal, staff in many places were reluctant to assist, etc. Many were of the opinion that because the Government saw it fit to award themselves a ‘huge’ salary increase, unnecessary spending on luxury vehicles/foods/alcohol/travelling and the allegations of Government officials started to circulate about them being corrupted, companies downsizing, various places closing down and other issues arising, everyone just get fed up, whilst prices increased and promises of job creations seem to be diminishing. Despite solving cases, allegations are still being levelled against members of the Guyana Police Force for corruption. Many are being investigated and charged.
Editor, since the NCM in December 2018, as the Government tries various tactics to outmanoeuvre the Opposition from facing an early election, realisation seems to sink back into the working force and slowly, we are witnessing admirable changes again all over. From my personal observation going into most places, security or people (staff without identification) approach you, question your purpose there and direct you to the relevant area/boot, etc. In some cases, you are given a number and are guided to a seat or waiting areas. Places like the GRA on Camp Street and the NIS are always busy and rowing/complaining by crowds is always happening. Last week, accompanying my mother to the NIS, we were questioned of our purpose for visiting the NIS and directed to the department responsible. A half-hour was not up and she was being attended to and had she walked with all requisite documents, all of her business would have been sorted out that said day. Whilst waiting outside, I was directed to a seat and based on my observation, security keeps moving around and assisting people, every time a staff passes you, they ask if you are getting through. In some cases, those who are there extra long are being pointed out and they are being looked after. I must say, the way these places are operating now is worthy of being praised, but my questions are, why the sudden changes? In most places, it is mainly the same staff and security, with a few changes, that worked under the previous Administration, still there under this Administration, in the same position, working for the basically the same salary. With the various taxation by this Administration and the salary increase, most are still saying that things are harder now than under the previous Administration. It makes me wonder if industrial sabotage was occurring under the previous Administration and I am wondering how long the various changes will continue.

Sahadeo Bates