Welder killed in ECD hit-and-run accident

Screams erupted in the community of Bachelor’s Adventure, on the East Coast of Demerara (ECD) on Friday morning, as the shocking news of Travis Wickham’s death reached the doors of family and friends.
The 29-year-old welder, who had left his Lot 291 Bachelor’s Adventure, ECD home at about 08:00h on Friday to visit his girlfriend, was struck down and killed almost instantly by a motor car which allegedly belongs to an ex-female cop, which sped away from the scene.

Deceased: Travis Wickham

Reports are that Wickham was riding his motorcycle in the vicinity of the Foulis Gas Station, Enmore, ECD, heading into Nabaclis. ECD, when the car attempted to overtake a bus.
In the process, the motorcyclist was struck from his motorcycle, which caused him to be flung at a moving minibus. As a result, he fell onto the roadway where he sustained injuries about his body and died.
Speaking with this newspaper, the dead man’s aunt, Trevlyn Wickham, said their family is still in shock, and everything seems surreal. The woman said she last spoke with her nephew on Friday morning and is now hurt to know that it was the last time she saw him alive.
“When he left, he didn’t say where he was going, but when we checked his phone and we went through the conversations, he seemed like he going to Nabaclis to see his girlfriend. When we saw the video…it looked like he died on the spot,” the woman said.
Wickham’s aunt said when his family went to identify his body, they were shocked by the extent of his injuries.
“His whole one-side face was smashed in, and his ribs were black and blue. This is really going to affect our family because I can’t even describe it. For his mother, he is her only son, and he is the one that always do everything …nobody here can’t even catch themselves,” she related.
The family expressed disappointment at the behaviour of some of the persons who removed the man’s body from the scene, since his wallet and jewellery were stolen.
“When we look at the video of them moving him from the scene, you can see he had on his gold chain and everything, but when we asked them for it, they said he didn’t have any chain or wallet. Both the chain and wallet are missing,” the aunt said.
The dead man’s family is calling on the Guyana Police Force to find the perpetrator that caused the death of the young man because justice needs to served.
He was described by his family as “one in a million”, who has left a lasting impact on the lives of many. (LaWanda McAllister)