Whatever happened …to Moses Nagamootoo?

Life can sometimes be quite a conundrum. And one conundrum that popped into your Eyewitness’s ruminations was how can someone be right up there on everyone’s radar for a while and then drop completely off – WITHOUT A SINGLE SOUL WONDERING WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM!! And the object of his wonderment is no other than Moses Nagamootoo, the man who once said he’d been the beneficiary of Cheddi Jagan’s blessings to become the next PPP! He swore, when the PPP was in Opposition and they were hustling in the Rupununi, Cheddi revealed his heart’s desire.
Now this wasn’t an inconsequential bequest…no Siree Bob!! In the context of Guyanese politics, that was like being handed the stars! The worse that could happen was ending up within the moon!! Sooner or later, the PPP was bound to get into office…and then WHAM!! All the way to the top, baby!! After all, Cheddi was no spring chicken!! Moses was given the Ministry of Information when they DID get into Government in 1992. After all, he’d understudied Janet faithfully at the Mirror for donkey years! But Moses was keeping his eyes on the BIG prize, and figured he should burnish his credentials to fend off fellas like Ralph – who were also seen as “front runners”. Moses went to law school, even though he was quite a bit into his dotage!!
What he didn’t realise was that in his absence, the old saw about what mice would do when the cat’s away played out!! Plus, of course, he must’ve teed off his patron Janet for presuming SHE had no ambitions to the top spot!! Male chauvinist pig!! She then plucked a young party protege named Bharrat to add youth to her long-in-tooth “A” team, for balance. But before Moses could say, “Holy Pharaoh!” he was out like the light under GPL!! After being kicked in the teeth more times than he could count – he decided to jump ship and tie bundle with his one-time junior in the PPP – but now party leader in a rising AFC, Ramjattan!!
He was also promised the moon and the stars when the AFC hitched their star to the PNC bandwagon…and secured the PM spot. But once again, he had to drink bitter gall: Granger wasn’t gonna share even the doghouse with him!! But now that Granger’s been booted out, shouldn’t the new PNC Leader be bringing him out of the cold? Especially when they don’t seem to trust the always-wily Ramjattan, who’s playing “divide and rule” politics!! After all, he did part the PPP waters once!!
Can we expect Mo to be third-time lucky?? Or is he gonna always remain the bridesmaid??

…to our Southern connection?
Once again, our President’s “engaging” Brazil’s leader to jump-start our relations – so that both countries can benefit from the relationship. Symbiotic relationship! This time, there’s a new urgency for the engagement – oil and gas, but all the old rationales were dragged up. Like that Lethem-Linden-Berbice Highway to a Deep Water Harbour to give Brazil a vent for its goods out of Manaus to America and Europe. This would save them billions in time and money – and earn us billions in fees! Win-win, all the way!!
Then there’s the need to widen the decades-old partial scope trade agreement, so that more of our rice and new agriculture products could cross the border. Not to mention hydro power to northern Brazil, or collaborate in an aluminum smelter here. So many opportunities…yet gridlock since Burnham visited Brazil in 1977!! Remember Lula, then Rousseff wowing us with all sorts of promises – apart from the Tatuku Bridge!!
President Ali gotta tell Bolsanaro to quit futzing around!!

…to Chinese Arrival Day?
Your Eyewitness understands we have a COVID-19 pandemic sweeping our country. But today’s Chinese Arrival Day. Can’t we even get a Chinese Dragon undulating under the arches of Main Street?
Over to Min of Culture!!