Where’s the Opposition…

…in Guyana?
This is getting real embarrassing now. While it’s not the official position, folks usually say you gotta wait about 48 hours before filing a missing person’s report. Well, it’s been about a month now since Granger said he’s taking a break from duties as leader of the PNC…claims he’s had a “hectic decade”. Well, when a fella has been in the army for FORTY YEARS as an officer and never seen action, you know it’s doesn’t take much to tire him out!!
Exactly what did Granger do in the past decade? Show up at PNC Congress in 2011 and have the elections rigged to make him PNC leader? Doesn’t appear too strenuous to your Eyewitness!! He wasn’t even the gunman who intimidated restive delegates! He also didn’t negotiate the Cummingsburg Accord with the AFC to convince Ramjattan that becoming “Dead Meat” wasn’t too bad compared to playing permanent second fiddle to Raphael Trotman!!
And in his five years as President, Granger never even worked up a sweat to host a single press conference! He managed these power-puff “Public interviews” from his air-conditioned office! The one time he faced the press – during the recount of the Big Rig – he had to be openly coached by Cathy Hughes – not even sotto voce! And surely dropping onto one’s knees doesn’t take too much energy.
Then, inexplicably, his second-in-command — Opposition Leader Joseph Harmon — also dropped out of sight! What was HIS excuse? That he’s miffed President Ali isn’t consulting him? Stamping his feet while throwing tantrums about being snubbed wore him down? Jeez, you’d think these army chaps were made of sterner stuff!! But then Officers don’t even have to march up and down in the hot sun during the long years of not seeing any action – they just stand at attention to take salutes!
So, should your Eyewitness file that missing Opposition Report? He’s convinced that no self-respecting politician – even novices drafted from the Army – would voluntarily keep out of the public limelight like this. It’s downright eerie!! So, the question is: What’s going on, or going down? Noting that the two leaders are being represented by two persons they weren’t ever close to – they have to be questioned as to what they know about this “Case of the Disappeared Politicians”.
But who’s to do the questioning? Certainly not the SWAT. So how about the regular Police? Right now, not many folks have much confidence in them, to be honest – even though the latter was REMADE in Granger’s image by the man himself.
Your Eyewitness would do what Granger always did when faced with any nettlesome issue.
Appoint a Commission of Inquiry!

…on President Ali’s UN triumph?
The golden rule for citizens is: when it comes to dealing with the outside world, we bury whatever differences we have and present a united front. We are, after all, Guyanese, and should remember the golden rule for countries in the international arena is “there are no permanent friends or permanent enemies – just permanent interests.” The interests of our beloved Guyana.
But imagine, after President Ali bearded the Venezuelans in Mexico at CRLAC, and then in NY at the UN, forcing them to abandon their conniving with their Opposition to renew their claims to our Essequibo, not a word from the Opposition. He then looked the old colonial powers in the eye and demanded reparations for their roles in slavery and the slave trade. The same silence!
President Ali did a full-court press on a number of world leaders to press our case on issues like vaccine equity and climate justice – but not a squeak from the Opposition!
Granger and Harmon are MIA…but what about their stand-ins?

…on Education?
The PNC like to boast they’re big on education for lifting us out of poverty and misery. So, could they explain whenever they’re protesting schools are burnt to the ground?
Remember One Mile, and now Mabaruma?