Why is Lowenfield still on the job?

Dear Editor,
The question is raised: Why is Lowenfield still in the employ of the GECOM? Why is he still in the affairs of that body? It is a question that is repeatedly and persistently asked, with no sensible answer forthcoming. We are here talking about a man who stood up to the world as the Chief Elections Officer to deliver a fraudulent report showing the losers of the election as the winners.
Not to be undone, this man would later turn up to deliver three more tranches of fraudulent figures, this was after the recount of the disputed ballot. If those are not the most blatant acts of rigging, then what are?
That alone should have rendered him unfit for office, and far less for being a member of that Commission, but he is still there.
The Chair of GECOM should rightly have fired Lowenfield, and let him go his way with his rigging apparatus. Of course, Lowenfield should have known better, but he was so full of it he was certain that nothing would come out of that brazen rigging assault; and, like I said in a previous article, he never envisioned that karma would have caught up with him, so he persisted.
What I think Claudette Singh should have done long before now is to have asked him to resign and save himself the ignominy, and she should have then proceeded to install another in his place. In that way, she would have served the devil his due while ensuring the smooth transition into a free and fair process. Because there is no way, shape or form that Lowenfield would be in a commission and this country go into another election. No! Never!

Neil Adams