Woman stabbed by ex-lover after allowing him to sleep over

A 39-year-old woman was in the wee hours of Tuesday stabbed by her ex-boyfriend while sleeping over at her Hadfield Street home. Injured is Sharon Hoppie of Hadfield Street, Lodge, Georgetown.
Police stated that Hoppie and the 36-year-old suspect shared a relationship that ended about two months ago, but the man would still visit her from time to time even though the woman was in another relationship.
However, on the day in question at about 00:30h, the accused visited the victim’s home and met the man with whom she was sharing a relationship. The man, upon seeing the ex-boyfriend, left the house.
Hoppie and the suspect were embroiled in a misunderstanding about their relationship and more so, she raised concerns about the time of the night he showed up at her house. She nevertheless allowed him to spend the night.
According to Police, the victim went to bed at about 02:00h. At 03:30h, the woman’s ex-lover went into her room and stood over her with a knife in his right hand.
Upon seeing this, she attempted to fight him off but instead, he dealt her one stab to her left-side neck and another to her right-side abdomen, after which he left the house.
An alarm was raised and the woman was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital where she was treated by a doctor on duty and admitted as a patient. Her condition is regarded as stable.
The matter was subsequently reported to the Police. Checks for the suspects proved futile.