Wukking… for world peace

A superpower’s work is never done…yet it’s a thankless job!! Think about it. When the Brits were the superpower, they had to look after so many countries that the globe was speckled red to signal their responsibilities! That’s right…we natives just couldn’t get our act together – and the po’ Brits had to take up what they bravely called “the white man burden”. Imagine bearing the burden of more than a quarter of the world’s population!! You think it was easy for them to ship out most of what we produced and then use the money to build up their own economy, since we didn’t know how to live in luxury?? The burdens…the burdens!! Yet, some ingrate snarkily explained that the expression “the sun never sets on the British Empire” was because if it did set, then the Brits would’ve looted them even more!! Neemakharams, that’s what such people are!!
Anyhow, it got to be too much for the Brits to bear, after they fought the “Great War” of WWI that would “make the world safe for democracy” for us – and also be the “war to end all wars”. But even after that sacrifice, we insisted the Brits had to still take care of us, since we just weren’t imbibing the democratic values fast enough to be given independence!!
Governors and administrators had to be sent out, and it got just too much. The US, with their “special relationship” with the Brits – no, it wasn’t just that they were white; they were DEMOCRATIC, and cared for us – had to step up to the crease!!
After they had to fight World War II to save us from some mustachioed German, the US graciously started doing all the heavy lifting for us. During WWII, imagine the Indians – who were the Brits’ biggest burden – actually COMPLAINED when Churchill shipped their rice and wheat for the war effort, and 10 million Bengalis died in their “famine”. We natives could never understand the need to sacrifice for the greater cause!!
The US, as the new superpower holding up the world on their shoulder like Atlas of yore, immediately ran into competition from the Ruskies – who insisted they had a better shtick for us natives. We were now called the “Third World” by the US and the rest of the West, and the Ruskies were dubbed the “Second World”!! – to which they didn’t take too kindly!! The beef between the two contestants was called the “Cold War”, because they didn’t fight each other. They left that to us natives, who hotly supported one or the other side!!
So now you know why the US had to send warships to the Mid-east…and pay for Kenyan police for Haiti!!

…the schools
If there’s one good thing that came out of our British past, it is the respect students inculcated for teachers. It really came out of the respect our fore-parents had for education – they having come out of slavery, and later indentureship – as the tool to deliver real emancipation. As such, your Eyewitness was very disappointed to read about the attacks on teachers by students, and violence in some schools. And of the weapons these students now tote around!
But let’s face it…this behaviour is coming straight outta Compton and other American inner-city ghettoes. Sadly, it’s the culmination of the glorification of that ghetto culture by youths that’s taken over schools in what’re now called “hoods”. It started with the misogynic Gangsta Rap that glorified violence – and influenced Dancehall singers like Elephant man, Vybz Kartel, Skeng etc – that’s the first step. Look what happened in Jamaica – which has the same colonial background we have.
We gotta get this out from the roots!!

…for the AFC
Geez…you’d think that after Moses parted the PPP’s Red Sea in 2011 and 2015 – giving the AFC the cred for the PNC to court them into office – he’d at least get a mention nowadays!! Was he too much of a lapdog??