Zeelugt in need of help

Dear Editor,
My letter is a follow-up to a letter KN published on September 16, 2020, which spoke about the drug addiction among youths in the community.
I wish to address the leaders responsible for the running of the Zeelugt community. To start off, I am in agreement with Mr Harbajan, who adequately highlighted the above issue. It is with great discomfort that I must condemn the leaders of my community for not making an appropriate stand to the drug problem that has engulfed this village.
I don’t want to speak of this problem now, as this is an aftermath of many other reasons. I wish to highlight the possible underlying causes of drug abuse.
In Zeelugt, most youths emerge from poverty. Some choose to make the best of it and dream to escape it; while some are enflamed by its grip and turn the tides. I would only want to assume that this poverty is as a result of the community not having enough jobs to supply its inhabitants or rather the inhabitants choosing not to work. With many distraught, they inevitably turn to the drug trade (particularly, the youths in the village).
A second reason I could only assume based on observations is the lack of educational distribution in this community. Over the last two years, there has been no effort to apply any infrastructure that would cater to the development of the people of this village. There have not been any outreach programmes or any other session set up by either the public or private arenas. It is in this way that the older folks remain uneducated. Right away there is a limitation in what the elders in the village can offer.
Thirdly and lastly as to what I think contributes to the increase in substance abuse is the non-presence of the law in this area. I can tell from my years in the village about 2 years ago the police would do routine checks in this village every day; even if it was just a pass-through inspection. As menial as this seems, it would make the world of difference. People were afraid to get into illegal activities during this time, but the police seem to have abandoned this village. There is no audit of this place and as such, members get the feeling they aren’t being watched and as such, they parade the old and new schemes distributing their dope.
Now I will not only protest about the problems in the village, but I will offer some solutions that I think are practical.
Firstly, the NDC being the extension of the Government should seek to provide valuable infrastructure that can aid unemployed persons. There needs to be more production of job opportunities for persons who are finding it hard to obtain jobs. I’m sure there are places to build, places to clean or places that require some form of help or the other.
Secondly, leaders in this community need to step out of the shadows. Teachers, religious leaders, youth groups and lawmen need to encourage the youths to get an education. The Government can only provide so much. Youths need to be enlightened about the benefits of having a proper education. This village needs to have more sessions that can in turn be beneficial to the community at large.
Lastly, the police need to bring a threatening presence to the youths in this village. They are getting out of hand and it disappoints me. Youths between the ages of 15 to 25 are jeopardising their futures by abusing dope and it is sad. The police need to get them off the street (parents can only do so much). Stronger disciplinary action needs to be implemented.
Thank you for reading, please share with a member of this community or a person who may be able to help.
With regards,
Sonnie Kaimangall
Concerned villager

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