10 officers complete training in Prison Management

Ten officers from the Guyana Prison Service have successfully attained ABE Endorsed Certificates in the field of Prison Management.

The 10 officers who have successfully attained ABE Endorsed Certificates in the field of Prison Management

These include Thiffaney Trim (Women Prison Officer); Curlet Berksire (Women Prison Officer); Seliza Blair (Principal Officer 1); Trudy DeCunha (Principal Officer 1); Keon Kelly, (Prison Trade Instructor); Natesia Haynes (Principal Officer 11); Suana Eastman (Principal Officer 11); Anne Thomas (Chief Officer); Justin Eastman (Chief Officer) and Jermin Archer (Cadet Officer).
The various course content was strategically determined by the Service’s Training and Recruitment Department and the academic professionals of ABE to cater to the unique needs of the officers.
The collection of subject areas was chosen by the Training Department, Strategic Management Department, and the Directorate to best suit the rank structure of officers within the Guyana Prison Service.
As such, these officers and others to follow will be able to gain insight into new information that is fundamentally specific to Prison Management and the internationally accepted norms for managing inmates in a correctional facility.
With this new collection of information and training gained, the officers intend to share the experience garnered with their peers which will ultimately contribute to the improvement of operational practices.
This will no doubt strengthen and advance the techniques and practices within the GPS, boost productivity among staff, encourage teamwork and amplify resource management.
The GPS has a positive outlook on educating its staff which is evident with the management structures being devised to continuously encourage officers to capitalise on training opportunities available locally, regionally or internationally in order to enhance officers’ personal competencies.
The Service’s strategic plan sees that the human capital of the Service is critical to daily sustainability of safe daily operations, thus of its 8 pillars, “Enhancing Human Resource Management and Development” is in the top 3.
Suitably, the management focuses on promoting the efficient management of the GPS’s mandate to successfully rehabilitate and reintegrate law offenders through the advancement of the human resource capacity throughout the Service.