3 in custody for nightclub shooting

Three persons are now in Police custody in connection with a shooting which occurred outside of a popular nightclub three nights ago.

According to Divisional Commander of A Division (Georgetown-East Bank Demerara), Clifton Hicken, he has been informed that the Police have so far takennightclubshootinglawsuit statements from the Virtual Complainant (VC), after which the three arrests were made. Hicken relayed to Guyana Times that the Police have also obtained video footage from the nightclub which is currently being developed.

The investigation followed an order from Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan.

The shooting reportedly left several persons hospitalised, but unfortunately the incident was not reported to the Police. This publication understands that following the shootout, those injured were all rushed to a private city hospital by management of the nightclub.

Some were treated and sent away, however, two persons are reportedly still receiving treatment.

Reports are that staff at the club were ordered by management to collect and dispose of the spent shells, as well as to clean bloodstains to get rid of evidence of the incident.

However, one of the injured persons contacted Police and informed the authorities of what transpired.

Police were told that persons were in the nightclub when the sound of gunshots was heard. A number of persons were grazed by bullets and at least two persons received gunshot wounds to their feet. When the Police reported to the scene, not much evidence of what happened was found however, bullet holes were noticeable in the walls. The Manager and other staff of the nightclub were also taken into Police custody as the investigation continues.