47 educators participate in diversity workshop

Social studies educators along the coastland were on Wednesday facilitated by the Social Cohesion Ministry for a two-day workshop on awareness of behaviours that contribute to bettering relationship between individuals.
Labelled a Diversity Workshop, the 47 participants were allowed to explore the negative internalised attitudes which impact the way they perceive themselves or other persons, commonly referred to as “self-understanding”.
Guyana is a diversified land with persons of different ethnicities. As such, they were assisted in understanding some of the challenges which arise from a varied population as well as developing cross-community understanding.
Acting Programme Coordinator, Natasha Singh Lewis explained that this is a contribution to nation building and creating a unified Guyana.
“The department wishes to add our contributions to national building as our vision speaks to a unified Guyana where diversities are embraced and conflict resolved, networks and collaboration with stakeholders strengthened, equity promoted and decision-making processes results in equal opportunities and benefits for all,” she explained.
According to the Programme Coordinator, the workshops would have commenced last year, with the aim of inclusivity for all educators. As such, the coastland region will be completed by September and the facilitators will then move onto the hinterland communities. For some regions, social studies teachers will also be included.
Singh-Lewis reiterated, “It is our goal and it is our plan that we would be able to complete all of the coastland region, then use the Christmas term to complete the hinterland region. So by the end of 2019, we would have covered the Diversity Education and Improvement Training for all of the Heads of Department for social studies, countrywide.”
She added, “We know that across Region Two, we would not be able to gather 40 or 45 Heads of Department because of geographic location. We would be able to extend the training to the social studies teachers.”
Just last April, a diversity training exercise was held with the Rastafari Core Group.
Social Cohesion Minister, Dr George Norton had said that the events were introduced after it was recognised that there is a need for more introspection in an effort to promote the Rastafarians’ notion of “love, fairness and acceptance” regardless of differences. This, he said, is important in improving the Rastafarian movement locally and the world over. He emphasised the need for members to accept others’ cultures despite differences.
Going forward, educators across the country will benefit from these engagements, which will be further passed down to other students.