A year of reversals, not progress

Dear Editor,
The regime has been targeting Indo-Guyanese employed in the public service, dismissing them without grounds. Hundreds of people have been sent home and the process is confusing.
While all of this is happening, the economy has taken a rapid downward turn and the business community has reported slow or have no business, forcing them to lay off staff.
The working people are suffering badly. Thousands of sugar workers’ jobs are on the line, as estates are targeted for closure.
Vendors in Georgetown, many of whom are single-parents, are being pushed off the street without proper alternative accommodation to ply their trade.
Many of the benefits that the PPP/C administration gave to the working class are now being withdrawn.
The ,000 per child grant to school children, the water and electricity subsidies to pensioners, etc, have all been discontinued.
The housing programme has stalled and apart from that, the regime has introduced racial discrimination in the allocation process as well. There are drug shortages at the public hospitals, reminiscent of the pre-1992 period when the PNC was in power.
Yes, there is an all-round decline in the economy and in social services. The quality of life that Guyanese once enjoyed has fallen drastically within the span of one year of the APNU/AFC regime’s governance.
It is time for the people to make their voices heard. This has been a year of reversals, not progress.

Gopaul Singh